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Food for inmates in court inadequate, say some Ontario lawyers

TORONTO - A granola bar here, a cheese sandwich there — the lunches given to prisoners in Ontario courthouses don't provide nearly enough nutrition to allow them to properly defend themselves, some lawyers say. People in custody in the province's jails and detention centres get a good amount of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that changes on days they are brought to court, says criminal defence lawyer Scott Reid. "In my experience the food they receive when they're at court is woefully inadequate," he says.

'Cannibal sandwiches' sicken residents in Midwest

By Eric M. Johnson (Reuters) - Residents in the upper Midwest should ditch their seasonal tradition of eating "cannibal sandwiches" made of raw ground beef, health officials warned, citing multiple outbreaks of foodborne illnesses since the 1970s and cases last year. Gobbling up raw ground beef spread on sandwich bread or crackers with onions and other seasoning led to more than 50 cases of foodborne illness in 1972, 1978 and 1994 in Wisconsin, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wrote in a report released this week.

16-year-old girl scoops up Scottsdale, Ariz.'s 1st ice cream truck license after long freeze

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Ice cream trucks have been frozen out of Scottsdale, Ariz., for decades, but a 16-year-old girl is the first to benefit from a recent thaw. On Thursday, Mayor W.J. "Jim" Lane gave Sydney Kirsch the city's first ice cream truck license since the vehicles were banned in the 1970s. The Phoenix high school student is the owner of Leo's Ice Cream, whose previous owner led an effort to overturn the ban. Kirsch told The Arizona Republic ( ) that she'll balance ice cream duties with her school work and other extracurricular activities.

Brazil reports higher beef exports, eyes new markets

Brazilian beef exports have risen steadily this year, in part due to the weaker real and producers hope international trade accords will help them win new markets, notably in Asia. "Between January and September, exports surged 19.4 percent over the same period last year," according to the Association of Brazilian Beef Exporters (ABIEC). With nearly 200 million head of cattle, Brazil is the world's leading beef exporter and this year sales abroad have totaled 1.08 million tons valued at $4.8 billion, ABIEC said in a statement.

EU gives Canadian beef producers win on quota as Ottawa readies to unveil pact

OTTAWA - Canadian beef producers have been assured they will have the ability to export close to 70,000 tonnes of beef to the European Union under a new free-trade deal being unveiled Friday in Brussels. The quota is almost twice the 40,000-tonne number former EU ambassador Matthias Brinkmann said in May the Europeans were willing to concede to Canada in return for Canada opening up its market to more imports of cheese. Sources close to the industry say Canadian pork producers will be given an even bigger quota, but did not give a specific number.

Beef backlash: A&W say burgers come from cattle raised without growth hormones

CALGARY - Call it a beef burger backlash. A The restaurant chain says it is proud to be the first national chain to serve what it calls "better beef." A The Canadian Cattlemen's Association says its members have used what it calls safe "growth promotants" for more than 40 years that are approved by Health Canada. The association, which represents 68,500 cattle producers, says consumers who buy Canadian beef are buying the finest beef available.

Rodents, insects found in Virginia ice-cream cone warehouse

By Toni Clarke (Reuters) - U.S. authorities have seized ice-cream waffle cones from a food storage facility in Waynesboro, Virginia, after inspectors found widespread rodent and insect infestation on the premises. U.S. marshals seized the products after Food and Drug Administration inspectors determined that the company had not taken effective measures to protect food, equipment or surfaces from contamination. The company, Gourmet Provisions LLC, does business as Matt's Supreme Cones, the FDA said on Friday.

Ice cream on demand? Car-ordering app Uber answers sweet dreams on Friday

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Don't scream for ice cream. Just pick up your smartphone. Uber, the San Francisco startup known for letting people order private drivers in sleek black cars using a smartphone app, is offering an ice cream-on-demand service — for one day only — in 35 cities around the world, including New York, Philadelphia, London, Singapore and Rome.

Canadian beef producers urged to step up exports to emerging markets

CALGARY - Canadian beef producers should increase exports to emerging markets if they want to grow their businesses, an economist says. Aaron Goertzen of BMO Capital Markets said Thursday that rising feed costs and flat demand in traditional markets such as the United States are biting into profits. He said there is more potential sizzle in such developing countries as Brazil, India and China, where beef consumption, populations and economic growth are on the rise.

Analysis: Cows block path toward Canada-EU free trade deal

By Rod Nickel and Philip Blenkinsop WINNIPEG, Manitoba/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Salvaging a free-trade deal between Canada and the European Union after four years of talks will require skillful pasture politicking to pacify beef and dairy cow farmers who see more risk than opportunity. The difficulties underline how challenging bilateral and regional trade deals are to reach, and how groups like farmers can punch above their weight.
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