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Campbell Soup sees stronger broth sales as interest in cooking grows

NEW YORK, N.Y. - When people take an interest in cooking, broth sales apparently get a bump. Campbell Soup has been struggling to boost sluggish sales of its famous condensed and ready-to-eat canned soups. But there is a bright spot in its U.S. soup division: broth. The company on Friday reported a higher quarterly profit as U.S. soup sales rose 5 per cent. The bump was largely a quirk of the calendar, however; Thanksgiving fell later in the year, meaning the higher shipments associated with the holidays were pushed back to its fiscal second quarter.

Nestle to speed up salt reduction in food brands in support of new UN dietary goal

GENEVA - The world's biggest food and drink company is pledging to speed up making hundreds of products with less salt to honour new U.N. dietary guidelines. Swiss-based Nestle says further cuts in salt would be made in all its food brands worldwide in keeping with the World Health Organization's new guideline earlier this year that adults should limit salt intake to no more than five grams per day.

U.S. soup sales, acquisitions boost Campbell Soup's profit

(Reuters) - Campbell Soup Co <CPB.N>, the world's largest soup maker, reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit, helped by acquisitions and strengthening U.S. sales of soups and sauces. Under a turnaround effort led by Chief Executive Denise Morrison, the company has been revamping its offerings with new soups and sauces and improving existing lines after several seasons of weak soup sales.

Romans cut down on bread as crisis hits

As a devastating economic crisis hits ordinary Italians, traditional bakeries in Rome are shutting shop and some are resorting to selling old bread at half-price to draw hard-up customers. "Crisis-Beating Offer: Bread left over is sold the next day at half price," read a sign at a bakery in the Trionfale market near the Vatican. "For a while our clients have been quietly asking us if we can sell them yesterday's bread to save money," said Cesara Chiappini, owner of the bakery, told Rome's Il Messaggero daily.

Up to 5% horsemeat found in EU-wide tests on beef products

EU-wide tests of beef products have found up to five percent horsemeat, according to the European Commission in a statement that was later removed from its website. The DNA testing was conducted after a widespread scandal in Europe over horsemeat being found in beef products which undermined consumer confidence in the food industry. The European Commission briefly posted the up to five percent figure on its website but then removed the statement. More test results were expected later in the day, including country-by-country findings, officials said.

Portugal finds horse painkiller drug in burgers, meatballs

Burgers and meatballs sold in Portugal by French retailer Auchan have been found to contain horsemeat with small traces of an animal painkiller that is potentially harmful to humans, Portugal's consumer watchdog said Thursday. The country's consumer protection association DECO said it had "detected anti-inflammatory drugs in horsemeat found in food products on sale in Portugal, which may pose a risk to public health as the use of such drugs is banned in animals destined for human consumption."

Egypt bakers threaten strike over rising costs

By Tom Perry CAIRO, Feb 28 (Reuters) - Egyptian bakers are threatening strike action unless the government meets demands including back-payment of financial incentives, raising the prospect of fresh unrest in the crisis-ridden north African country. Abdullah Ghorab, head of the bakers' association which represents 25,000 private bakeries across the country, said imminent strike action has been postponed following a meeting with the government. The association gave the government 15 days to meet its demands.

Portugal seizes 79 tonnes of meat containing horse

Portuguese authorities said they had launched fraud proceedings after seizing 79 tonnes of wholesale food and thousands of packaged meals that contained horsemeat despite not being labelled with it. The 79 tonnes of "meat and meat-based products" were seized in plants that processed, packaged and distributed meat to supermarkets, the government's Economic and Food Safety Authority said in a statement.

Ikea pulls meatballs from European states on horsemeat tests

Swedish furniture giant Ikea has withdrawn meatballs from sale in at least 15 European countries after horsemeat was found in the product by Czech authorities, the company said Monday. "We take this very seriously and have withdrawn one-kilo bags of frozen meatballs from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Britain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Ireland," in addition to Sweden, said company spokeswoman Ylva Magnusson.

IKEA halts meatball sale in Italy after horsemeat report

MILAN, Feb 25 (Reuters) - IKEA has halted the sale of meatballs at its Italian shops produced by Swedish supplier Familjen Dafgard on concerns they may contain horsemeat, a spokesman for IKEA's Italian unit told Reuters. "We stopped selling in Italy meatballs from this Swedish producer," a the spokesman said. "Our meatballs must be made of beef and pork. We will carry out checks on possible DNA presence (of horsemeat)."
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