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Greeks strike against austerity before Merkel visit

By Renee Maltezou ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek labor unions staged a nationwide strike on Wednesday to protest against austerity policies imposed on the country by its foreign creditors, including Germany, whose Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Athens this week. Schools and pharmacies were shut, ships remained docked at ports, hospitals operated on emergency staff and transport in Athens was disrupted due to the walkout called by private sector union GSEE and its public sector counterpart ADEDY.

Greek unions to hold general strike on April 9 to protest latest austerity measures

ATHENS, Greece - Greece's largest public sector union says it will join a nationwide general strike April 9 to protest austerity measures. The move means that the walkout will affect all private and public sector services. The ADEDY union said Thursday it was joining the strike call issued by the GSEE union a few days ago.

Main Greek union calls April 9 general strike

Greece's main private sector union GSEE on Monday said it would stage a 24-hour general strike on April 9 to protest new labour reforms demanded by the country's EU-IMF creditors. Athens is currently in talks with the creditors over the next instalment of funding from its multi-billion-euro bailout. Loan payments to Greece worth some 8.5 billion euros ($11.8 billion) are pending. According to reports, the creditors are pushing for additional civil service layoffs and changes to a 1982 law on strikes to reduce the frequency of labour actions.

Rain dampens latest Greek strike against austerity

By Renee Maltezou ATHENS (Reuters) - Thousands of striking Greek workers marched to parliament in pouring rain on Wednesday to protest against measures imposed by foreign lenders, whose inspectors are in Athens to review the country's bailout. The 24-hour general walkout by Greece's largest public and private sector unions shut schools and disrupted flights but far fewer people took to the streets compared with previous protests as heavy downpours blanketed Athens.

Strike hits Greece as auditors mull further cuts

A general strike hit Greece on Wednesday, paralysing public services and disrupting transport as EU-IMF auditors worked to finalise the recession-hit country's next budget, looking to eliminate a fiscal shortfall that could bring more unpopular cuts. Defying pouring rain, some 4,000 members of the Communist-affiliated union PAME marched to central Syntagma square, police said. Another 1,000 protesters gathered outside the offices of the biggest union GSEE but the main demonstration was scrapped due to the weather.

Greek labor unions call 24-hour strike on July 16

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek labor unions on Wednesday called a 24-strike on July 16 to protest against planned public sector layoffs demanded by the country's international lenders in exchange for more funds. The country's largest private and public sector unions GSEE and ADEDY, which combined represent about 2.5 million workers, have staged repeated strikes since the debt crisis broke out in late 2009. "The government and the lenders need to finally realize that we are people - we won't become numbers," GSEE said in a statement.

Greek unions call general strike Thursday over state TV closure

Greece's main unions on Wednesday called a 24-hour general strike for Thursday to protest the shock closure of state broadcaster ERT by the government. "The ERT lockup amounts to a coup d'etat," leading union GSEE said in a statement as civil servants and sailors pledged to support the strike. jph-hec/gd

Greek unions call 24-hour strike on June 13 over state TV closure

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek labor unions called a 24-hour strike on June 13 to protest against the sudden closure of state broadcaster ERT, union officials said on Wednesday. "We want to show our solidarity to the state TV workers and protest against these unacceptable public sector reforms that the lenders have demanded," the general secretary of public sector union ADEDY, Ilias Iliopoulos told Reuters. An official from private sector union GSEE, the country's largest, confirmed they would join the strike.

Flights in Greece halted for 4 hours as unions hold work stoppages against government

ATHENS, Greece - Flights in Greece were halted for four hours Thursday as the country's two largest labour unions staged work stoppages to protest austerity measures and a government decision to cancel a teachers' strike. Flights resumed after being grounded between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m. (0900-1300 GMT), when air traffic controllers joined the protest called by labour unions GSEE and ADEDY.

Greece in new emergency action against striking teachers

Greece on Monday took emergency action -- the third this year -- to ward off a strike by secondary school teachers timed to coincide with university entry exams. The emergency order to work follows similar steps taken against metro workers in January and seamen in February as the conservative-led coalition government fights to minimise labour unrest. "Strikes during exams are unacceptable. Society deems them repulsive," Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on the issue in an address to Greek industrialists.
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