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Hackers attack New Zealand PM's website

The "hacktivist" group Anonymous on Tuesday briefly crashed New Zealand Prime Minister John Key's website in protest at plans to allow the country's intelligence agency to spy on local residents. A group identifying itself as Anonymous NZ posted a clip on YouTube saying it had attacked Key's website and 12 others linked to the ruling National Party to show its opposition to "a despicable piece of legislation". "John Key make no mistake the majority of New Zealanders oppose this bill," it said.

Taiwan a 'testing ground' for Chinese cyber army

By Michael Gold TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan is the frontline in an emerging global battle for cyberspace, according to elite hackers in the island's IT industry, who say it has become a rehearsal area for the Chinese cyberattacks that have strained ties with the United States. The self-governing island, they say, has endured at least a decade of highly-targeted data-theft attacks that are then directed towards larger countries.

Seoul says North Korea behind June cyberattack on South Korean government, media websites

SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea is to blame for last month's cyberattacks on the websites of South Korean media companies and the president and prime minister's offices, a South Korean investigation concluded Tuesday. South Korea's ministry of science said it was blaming North Korea based on analysis of codes, Internet addresses and personal computers used to launch the attacks. The attacks occurred June 25, the 63rd anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War.

S. Korea blames North for recent cyber attack

South Korea on Tuesday blamed North Korea for a crippling cyber attack last month against several government and news media websites. The accusation came a day before the two Koreas are to hold fresh talks on reopening their joint industrial zone, amid fading hopes of an early agreement following months of friction. The South's science ministry said hackers in the attack waged from June 25 to July 1 used at least one IP address that had been utilised in earlier attacks blamed on the North.

NATO cyber defense center fights tide of hacking attempts

By Adrian Croft MONS, Belgium (Reuters) - Crouched behind banks of computer screens flashing data, NATO analysts try to stay ahead of millions of suspected attempts to hack the Western alliance's computer networks, as cyber defense moves to the center of NATO operations. NATO's cyber defense nerve center, operating from the alliance's operational headquarters at Mons in southern Belgium, monitors potential attacks on NATO computer systems installed at 55 locations around the world.

SKorea cyber attack part of long campaign: US study

The massive cyber attacks on South Korean banks and broadcasters earlier this year were part of a broad campaign of cyber espionage which dates back at least to 2009, a US security firm has concluded. The study by the firm McAfee stopped short of blaming specific entities for the March 20 onslaught but said it found a pattern of sophisticated attacks, including efforts to wipe away traces that could lead to detection.

Snowden affair blunts U.S. push for China to curb cyber theft

By Paul Eckert WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Revelations by former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden will make it harder for the United States to confront China at talks this week over the alleged cyber theft of trade secrets worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Snowden's disclosures of American electronic surveillance around the world give China an argument to counter U.S. complaints that it steals private intellectual property (IP) from U.S. companies and research centers.

Two Swedish teens convicted for Instagram insults

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Two Swedish teenage girls were found guilty of defamation on Tuesday for posting sexual insults about other youngsters on the photo sharing website Instagram. The court convicted the girls, aged 15 and 16, for writing explicit, derogatory remarks next to pictures of 38 young people, mostly girls, via an anonymous account on Instagram.

Presidential Office's website shut down after apparent hacking attack

SEOUL, June 25 (Yonhap) -- Unidentified hackers attacked the websites of South Korea's presidential office, another government agency and some media organizations on Tuesday, claiming they are part of the hacktivist group Anonymous. The cyber attacks occurred around 9:30 a.m. at the home pages of Cheong Wa Dae and the Office of Government Policy Coordination. Both websites were shut down for repair. Right after the hacking attack, the Cheong Wa Dae website showed messages in red, including one that read "Great leader Kim Jong-un," the North's top leader.

Seoul needs to counter N. Korea's cyber espionage capabilities: defense chief

SEOUL, June 20 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's defense chief on Thursday said there is an urgent need to counter North Korea's cyber espionage capabilities that pose national security threats for the country. In a conference held in Seoul to touch on ways to protect sensitive military information, Kim Kwan-jin pointed out that Pyongyang operates a dedicated cyber team under the Reconnaissance General Bureau of the Korean People's Army. He said that this organization is made up of roughly 3,000 highly trained personnel.
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