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'Zombies' throw scare into Mexico City

More than 7,000 "zombies" crammed Mexico City's streets Saturday for the popular Zombie Walk Mexico, celebrating connections with the dead. Decked out in masks and costumes, participants brought out their best fake blood and makeup for a tongue-in-cheek walk with fear, one of several such events internationally. Mexico's Day of the Dead in November is one of the country's beloved holidays.

'Vampire' skeleton found in Bulgaria with stake in its chest

Sofia — The skeleton of a man who lived between the 13th and 14th centuries, and had an iron stake driven into his chest to prevent him from becoming a vampire, was found in Bulgaria recently, archaeologists said. The finding was made at the ancient urban complex in Perperikon, located in southern Bulgaria, chief archaeologist Nikolay Ovcharov said.

Hollywood's zombie overload: Why flesh-eater pitches are a tough sell

By Greg Gilman LOS ANGELES ( - With zombie projects replicating almost as fast as zombies themselves, film studios say no more flesh-eaters need apply. That doesn't mean they're done with zombie projects - given the $66 million weekend take for Brad Pitt's "World War Z," they plan many more. But Hollywood now has so many features about the living dead that any new zombie pitches are a hard sell, insiders tell TheWrap.

Box Office: Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' Earns Solid $3.6M on Thursday

By Brent Lang LOS ANGELES ( - So much for bad buzz, because "World War Z" is not the box-office disaster that some observers had gleefully speculated it would be. The zombie thriller grossed a solid $3.6 million in late night showings Thursday night, according to studio estimates. The Brad Pitt-led cast of thousands racked up those numbers in 2,600 screens. It expands to more than 3,600 screens on Friday and is projected to generate roughly $50 million over the weekend.

‘Warm Bodies' -- till death do us part

Some might remember director Jonathan Levine from his idiosyncratic comedy, “50 /50,” starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, about the trials and tribulations of a cancer patient. One might not think that cancer and comedy should be boiled in the same brew, but despite its flaws Levine had managed to bring about a very human and witty approach to the matter about a man who faces death. Death and comedy seems to be a recurring issue with Levine, since this time with his new release “Warm Bodies” he endeavors to make a zombie comedy with the background theme of the classic “Romeo and Juliet” story.

Zombie television show turns Georgia town into tourism hub

Frank Hollberg III, whose family has sold furniture in Senoia, Georgia since 1894, laughed as he recalled the odd sight of watching a man walk through the idyllic downtown holding a head in his hand.The head was a prop and the man an actor filming "The Walking Dead," the hit zombie-themed television series that has drawn millions of fans worldwide and helped turn the small town 25 miles south of Atlanta into a thriving tourist attraction.Senoia, pronounced "Seh-noy" by its 3,300 residents, had seen its fortunes fade after the local cotton and agricultural industries died off.

Blood on the tracks at Malaysia's first 'zombie run'

Malaysians smeared with fake blood roamed a jungle range on the outskirts of the capital Kuala Lumpur Saturday in the Southeast Asian's country's first "zombie run". One woman had an arrow in her hair made to look as if had pierced her skull while many others were wearing blood-smeared and torn t-shirts. Organisers for the Zombie Run Malaysia 2013 said on their Facebook page that 150 "zombies" -- volunteers with ghoulish make-up and costumes -- were expected to chase 1,000 runners past broken walls and abandoned huts in the jungle patch.
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