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De Klerk derides 'afro-pessimists'

South Africa's under-fire president Jacob Zuma got a little support from an unlikely quarter Tuesday when FW De Klerk laid into the "prophets of doom" doing down the country. De Klerk, who negotiated an end to white rule in 1994 as South Africa's last apartheid president, said "afro-pessimists" did not give the country or the continent enough credit for strides made. De Klerk acknowledged his native South Africa faces "serious international perception problems" but said the country had seen 18 years of almost uninterrupted economic growth.

S. Africa at racial crossroads: ex-president De Klerk

South Africa was at the crossroads between moving in a racially divisive direction or a pragmatic, inclusive path under the ruling ANC, former president FW De Klerk said Saturday. "Are we still at the tipping point? I think we're still at the crossroads," De Klerk, South Africa's last apartheid leader, told a conference organised by his foundation. "Time will tell which of these tendencies will win out in the end. Time will tell which of these two conflicting approaches will have the victory within the internal debate of the ANC."
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