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Cascades to close Swedish boxboard plant in June, affecting 130 employees

KINGSEY FALLS, Que. - Packing company Cascades says it will close the company's Swedish boxboard plant in Ronneby in June because of weak market conditions. The closure of the plant affecting 130 employees was announced Wednesday after Cascades reached an agreement with union leaders. Chief executive Mario Plourde said the company is reorganizing its European production activities in light of the economic situation in order to better compete.

Ecuador newspaper fined for not running corrections

Ecuador's largest circulating daily newspaper has been fined for not running corrections demanded by an official media regulator. Extra, a tabloid with a daily circulation of 150,000, was ordered to pay the equivalent of 10 percent of its revenues over the next three months by the Superintendency of Information and Communication on Tuesday.

Venezuelan papers get newsprint offers amid shortages

Latin American countries have offered newsprint to Venezuelan dailies struggling to obtain paper because of government currency restrictions, executives said Tuesday. "The solidarity that has come from printed press media in the region is really impressive. They are going to send some newsprint," mainly from Colombia next door, said Miguel Henrique Otero, lead editor at El Nacional, one of Venezuela's top three dailies.

Trash to treasure: Bicycle brings 3D printing to Taiwan streets

By Michael Gold TAIPEI (Reuters) - Cycling through the streets of Taiwan's capital, staff from a design company turn discarded plastic cups and bottles into pieces of art on the spot with Mobile Fab - an ordinary bike kitted out with a computer and 3D printer. "We wanted to do something to bring both recycling and 3D printing closer to average people," said Kamm Kai-yu, a co-founder of the Taipei-based company Fabraft.

Dutch architects begin building Amsterdam canal house with 3-D printer

AMSTERDAM - Hundreds of years after wealthy merchants began building the tall, narrow brick houses that have come to define Amsterdam's skyline, Dutch architects are updating the process for the 21st century: fabricating pieces of a canal house out of plastic with a giant 3-D printer and slotting them together like oversized Lego blocks.

Canon says to buy U.S.'s Molecular Imprints

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Canon Inc said on Friday it would take over Austin, Texas-based Molecular Imprints Inc, which develops nanoimprint lithography systems, in a bid to strengthen its chipmaking equipment business. Canon has carried out joint development of next-generation semiconductor lithography systems, which plays a key role in the chip fabrication process, with Molecular Imprints and a major semiconductor maker since 2009.

Chemists unveil 'water-jet' printer

Like any ordinary printer, this machine ingests a blank page and spits it out covered in print. But instead of ink, it uses only water, and the used paper fades back to white within a day, enabling it to be reused. A team of chemists claims their "water-jet" technology allows each page to be reprinted dozens of times -- a money- and tree-saving option in a digital world that still relies heavily on hard copy.

Fortress Paper to idle Quebec pulp plant for 10 weeks just ahead of Christmas

MONTREAL - Fortress Paper will lay off more than half the staff at its plant in Thurso, Que., some 200 people, just days before Christmas as the company takes a 10-week shutdown because of weak market conditions and the recent imposition of interim dumping duties by China. The Vancouver-based company said the duty on so-called dissolving pulp used primarily to make clothing makes it "uneconomical" for the plant to operate and producing paper pulp isn't currently viable because of low prices.

3D printer boom lures new wave of Japan entrepreneurs

By Stanley White TOKYO (Reuters) - Junichiro Asami gave up a stable job to join a group of Japanese entrepreneurs building businesses based on 3D printing, showing the sort of pioneering spirit Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hopes can revitalize a calcified economy. Whether these entrepreneurs can lay the foundations for a new era in Japanese products though may depend on whether Abe can tear down barriers in a wider business culture that shuns risk and supports the status quo.

British police seize gun parts manufactured from plastic on a 3D printer

LONDON - British police say they have seized components of a gun made from plastic on a 3-D printer. The Greater Manchester Police force says a plastic magazine and trigger were seized along with a 3-D printer in a raid against suspected gang members. The parts are being tested to see whether the gun would have worked. Police said Friday that if the gun were viable it would be the first such seizure in Britain.
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