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Ecuador in new probe to see if climate change worsens El Nino

Think Galapagos and you think nature in its most pristine expression. But the destructive weather phenomenon called El Nino turns coral reefs there a sickly white and sea iguanas scrawny. And now, in an unprecedented experiment, scientists using unmanned submarines in the waters off the Ecuadoran archipelago are probing whether global warming is related to El Nino.

Galapagos residents playing key role in scientific discoveries

Quito, Feb 27 (EFE). The recent discovery of a rare fish species by residents of the Galapagos Islands marks the latest in a series of finds by inhabitants of the famed Ecuadorian archipelago, who are to be further encouraged in their efforts by a government-sponsored "Citizen Science" program. Most of the finds have come from fishermen and guides, the head of the Galapagos National Park's Marine Spaces Monitoring area, Eduardo Espinoza, told Efe.

German gets jail time for Galapagos iguana smuggling

An Ecuadoran court has sentenced a German tourist to four years in prison for trying to smuggle threatened iguanas out of the Galapagos Islands. Dirk Bender "will serve four years in prison as stated in the judgment reported today by the president and judges" of the criminal court that found him guilty on January 5 of having altered the local ecosystem of the archipelago, the Galapagos National Park said in a statement Monday.
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