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Komodo dragon dies in San Antonio zoo reptile house fire

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters) - Six reptiles, including a rare Komodo dragon, were killed on Monday in a fire at the San Antonio Zoo likely caused by an electric problem, zoo officials said. Zoo staff had to move venomous snakes and reptiles to safety after the fire broke out at the two-floor Komodo House, home to about 100 snakes, lizards and other creatures. "It was a challenge for the firefighters," San Antonio Fire Department spokeswoman Deborah Foster said.

Indonesian, 83, faced 'fight for survival' in Komodo attack

An 83-year-old Indonesian woman told Thursday how she faced a "fight for survival" when a Komodo dragon pounced and sunk its teeth into her, in the latest attack this year by one of the giant lizards. Haisah was sitting on the ground outside her house on Rinca island, one of several Komodo-inhabited islands frequently visited by tourists, making a broom from a coconut tree, when the two-metre (6.6-foot) reptile sprang at her.

Indonesian woman, 83, fights off Komodo attack

An 83-year-old Indonesian woman has used a broom to fight off an attack from a Komodo dragon. Komodo National Park official Heru Rudiharto says the 2-meter (6.5-foot) -long giant lizard bit the left hand of Haifha on Tuesday while she was near her house on Rinca island.Haifha, who like many Indonesians uses only one name, hit the giant lizard's nose several times with a broom until it left go of her hand. Her neighbors heard her scream and drove the animal away.It took 20 stiches to repair Haifa's hand. Endangered Komodo dragons are found in the wild in eastern Indonesia.

Seven rare Komodo dragons hatch in Indonesia

Seven Komodo dragons have hatched under a breeding programme at an Indonesian zoo, an official said Wednesday, a success story that raises hope for the endangered lizard. Twenty-one eggs from two Komodo dragons were placed in incubation at the Surabaya Zoo in eastern Java, the first batch in September and the second in October, with seven hatching on March 10.

Komodo dragon attacks tour guide in Indonesia

A Komodo dragon mauled a tour guide in an Indonesian national park on Tuesday, just two weeks after a previous attack there by one of the giant lizards. The reptile, over two metres (6.6 feet) long, appeared when the guide passed its lair while he was trekking with four Indonesian visitors to Rinca island -- one of two Komodo-inhabited islands frequently visited by tourists.

Indonesian Komodo dragon attack leaves two hospitalised

A Komodo dragon in Indonesia has attacked two employees in one of the giant lizards' protected island habitats, leaving its victims hospitalised with serious injuries, an official said Wednesday. One victim, a 50-year-old park ranger, was sitting at his desk at the Rinca island front office, where tourists usually check in, when the two-metre-long monitor snuck into his room Tuesday afternoon.
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