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British, German skydivers die after mid-air collision in US

US police on Wednesday identified two skydivers who died after colliding in mid-air during a record parachute jump attempt as a Briton and a German, both described as "highly experienced." The dead men, taking part in a jump Tuesday involving some 200 people in Arizona, were named as Briton Keiron O'Rourke, 40, and Bernd Schmehl, 51, of Germany. Their parachute canopies collapsed when they collided as they floated down less than 300 feet (91 meters) from the ground, said police in Eloy, 5 miles (105 kilometers) southeast of Phoenix.

Two killed in Arizona skydiving accident

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Two skydivers were killed on Tuesday when they collided in midair and crashed to the ground during a jump in southern Arizona, authorities said. Police said they were called to the Skydive Arizona facility in Eloy, Arizona, about 65 miles south of Phoenix, at about 5 p.m. local time and found one of the skydivers dead at the scene. The other person was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance and pronounced dead there, said Eloy police spokesman Sergeant Brian Jerome.

(Sports) Feature: More Chinese tourists head for Australia, NZ to embrace extreme sports

(Sports) Feature: More Chinese tourists head for Australia, NZ to embrace extreme sports by Xu Yanyan and Song Dan MELBOURNE, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- As the green light flashed, the cabin door opened and Liu Kang moved forward to sit at the edge of the door with his tandem master. Everyone was pretty scared, but they stepped out of the plane after someone behind Liu shouted " embrace the fear." With a 60-second free fall from 4,500 meters high at a speed of 200 km/hour, an amazing world with spectacular views of lakes and snow mountains surrounded him.

Women skydivers break head-first formation record over Arizona

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Sixty-three women from around the world linked hands as they plunged head first toward the Arizona desert on Saturday, shattering the female vertical formation skydiving record, the U.S. Parachute Association said. The skydivers leaped from three aircraft at 18,000 feet near Eloy, about 65 miles southeast of Phoenix, said Nancy Koreen, the association's director of sport promotion. The women were from countries that included the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, France, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

"Birdman" flies over Bogota's iconic Cerro de Monserrate mountain

Bogota, Nov 1 (EFE).- Colombia's Jhonathan Florez, the current world champion skydiver, flew over Bogota's iconic Cerro de Monserrate mountain at a speed of 200 kilometers (124 miles) per hour and made a smooth landing, a feat he accomplished for the first time in his own country and that filled him with "pride."

Missing wingsuit diver found dead in China

A Hungarian wingsuit flyer who went missing after plunging into a valley in China when his parachute failed to deploy was found dead Wednesday, state media reported. About 200 police and firefighters were involved in the search for Victor Kovats, who disappeared during a trial flight on Tuesday in Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park in the central province of Hunan. "Rescuers retrieved Kovats' body at the foot of a cliff that is about 100 metres (330 feet) high on Wednesday morning," the official Xinhua news agency said.

Hungarian wingsuit diver missing in China

A Hungarian wingsuit flyer was missing Tuesday after plunging into a valley in central China when his parachute failed to deploy during a trial flight, Chinese state media reported. About 200 police and firefighters were searching for Victor Kovats who disappeared in a steep cliff area of the Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park in Hunan province, the official Xinhua news agency reported. Organisers of the Second World Wingsuit Championship, scheduled to take place at the park on October 13, said the incident may be related to a "technical error", Xinhua reported.

Idaho smokejumper dies in parachute training drill

By Laura Zuckerman SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) - A veteran smokejumper for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has died after parachuting from a plane during a training exercise in Idaho, the first such accident in 13 years, an agency spokesman said on Saturday. It was unclear if an equipment flaw, medical emergency or weather conditions caused the death on Friday of Mark Urban, 40, of Boise, said Bureau of Land Management spokesman Ken Frederick.

Steady as he falls is key to victory for skydiving cameraman

By Michael Hirtzer OTTAWA, Illinois (Reuters) - Professional skydiver Brandon Atwood has a strange but essential job while hurtling toward Earth at more than 100 miles per hour: He points a video camera attached to his helmet back up toward the sky while his teammates execute a complex aerial routine.

Skydiver stuntman death shows extreme sport risk

The "wingsuit" skydiving discipline which cost London Games stuntman Mark Sutton his life is an extreme sport whereby participants in seach of an adrenaline high happily take the high risk into account - with sometimes tragic consequences. Former army officer Sutton, 42, wowed the world by parachuting into the London 2012 Olympics dressed as James Bond but died while wing-diving in Switzerland's Alpine region of Valais after crashing into a mountain ridge on Wednesday during an extreme sports gathering.
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