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British minister warns on 'gagging clauses' in NHS

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has written to hospitals in England to warn them against using "gagging orders" to stop staff from exposing poor practices, the ministry said Saturday. The letter referred to the case of Gary Walker, a former National Health Service (NHS) manager who received a legal warning this week after revealing how he was forced to keep quiet about his dismissal and his fears for patient safety.

Britain's NHS 'needs culture change after appalling care'

Britain's state-run health service needs a fundamental change of culture to restore public trust after patients at one hospital received appalling care, an inquiry found Wednesday. Elderly patients at Stafford Hospital in central England were left in soiled sheets for hours, unwashed for up to a month at a time and deprived of food and water to the point that some resorted to drinking from dirty flower vases.

Britain's NHS braced for report into appalling hospital care

Britain was braced on Wednesday for the findings of a public inquiry into the appalling care at a state-run hospital, where patients were deprived of water and left lying in soiled sheets for hours. The inquiry is expected to propose wide-ranging reforms of the National Health Service (NHS) following its investigation into the serious failings at Stafford Hospital in central England.
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