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Air travel fatalities hit lowest ever in 2013

Travelling by airplane has never been safer, the EU's European Aviation Safety Agency said on Wednesday. "Worldwide fatal accidents involving large commercial air transport airplanes were lower in 2013 than any other year in the last decade, with 17 accidents, compared with a yearly average of 27," the agency said. In line with the drop in crashes, fatalities also plummeted last year with only 224 killed in plane accidents worldwide compared with a yearly average of 703 between 2003 and 2012.

Three minors among 7 dead separately

At least seven persons including three minors were killed and nine others injured in separate road accidents over the past 24 hours.According to detail, in SARGODHA a youth was killed while his brother sustained critical injuries when a speeding car hit a motorcycle near village 87/SB here on Monday.As per details, two brothers namely Noman and Suleman were on their way back home on a motorcycle.

The number of work-related accidents grew by 11% in a year

Estonian Labour Inspection registered 4,148 work-related accidents in 2012, by 11% more than in 2011, Public Broadcasting reports.3,324 of the accidents were light, 810 ended with serious injuries and 14 ended with death.Estonian Labour Inspection labour environment department head Rein Reisberg said that the number of accidents was affected by the increase of the number of employees but also by higher work intensity. While the number of serious work-related accidents has remained unchanged, the number of light accidents has increased by nearly 14%.

Baby-boom Easy Riders most at risk from accidents

Heading for retirement age and itching to buy that motorbike you always promised yourself? A study, published on Thursday in the specialist journal Injury Prevention, may prompt would-be petrolheads to think again. Older riders involved in a crash are up to three times likelier than younger bikers to suffer severe injuries, it says. Researchers delved into a US national database for figures of motorcycle collisions between 2001 and 2008, involving people aged over 20, which required admission to emergency care.
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