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Outgoing president hails 'happy ending' in Maldives

The outgoing president of the Maldives said Sunday the election of a new head of state signalled "a happy ending" to a political crisis which began when he took power from the islands' first freely-elected leader. In an exclusive interview with AFP in Hong Kong, Mohamed Waheed, acknowledged the Indian Ocean archipelago was still trying to find its feet as a democracy but said it could now move on after the outcome of Saturday's run-off election.

Maldives face censure as leader stays on without vote

The United States stepped up its criticism of the Maldives on Tuesday, warning caretaker president Mohamed Waheed that his decision to remain after his mandate expired was endangering democracy. The US State Department said Waheed's move to continue to govern after his time in office lapsed at midnight Sunday was unprecedented, after the tourism-reliant Indian Ocean nation failed to hold elections for the third time in two months.

President Waheed pledges tourism development in North Maalhosmadulu Atoll

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has yesterday said that islands from the North Maalhosmadulu Atoll would be allocated to be developed as tourist resorts. The President made this remark while speaking to the people of Rasgetheemu, as part of his visit to the island yesterday. The President is currently on a tour of some islands of the North Maalhosmadulu Atoll.Speaking on the revenue received from the taxation of tourist resorts, President Waheed noted that the government is able to spend a proportionate sum on enhancing social welfare and benefits for the people.

Weakening of faith creates opportunity for foreign powers to influence the nation- President

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has noted that foreign powers would always try to influence us every time there is conflict and instability within the society, and in turn worsen the country’s social harmony.mjThe President made this remark in his visit to Alifushi Island, as part of his current tour of some islands in the North Maalhosmadulu Atoll.Meeting the people of the island Thursday morning, the President spoke of our weakening faith and how it creates the opportunity for foreign powers to influence the nation’s affairs.Underlining the political differences within t

Committed to women rights: President

Maldivian President Mohamed Waheed on Tuesday said that the country is a young democracy working to balance religious faith with new democratic values, as an online petition against the recent sentencing of a rape victim for 100 lashes received two million signatures today.A Maldivian Juvinile Court had last month sentenced a 15-year-old rape victim to eight months under house arrest and 100 lashes after being convicted for pre-marital sex in another case.Prosecutors maintain that the teenage girl, who gave birth and buried the baby in Shaviyani Atoll Feydhoo, was charged wit

650,000 sign petition against Maldives rape victim flogging

More than half a million people have signed an online petition condemning the Maldives over the sentencing of a 15-year-old rape victim to 100 lashes for pre-marital sex with another man. The petition, started two days ago by New York-based campaign group, calls on Maldives President Mohamed Waheed to intervene and had been signed by 650,000 users on Friday afternoon.

Maldives democracy 'honeymoon' near end: president

The president of the Maldives said the islands' "honeymoon with democracy" was coming to an end as the tourist paradise marked its first anniversary Thursday of the toppling of his predecessor. Mohamed Waheed, 60, who came to power after Mohamed Nasheed, the nation's first democratically-elected leader resigned following street protests and a police mutiny, said the Maldives had done better than other emerging democracies.
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