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China shadow looms large over bid to scrap Tiananmen crackdown museum in Hong Kong

By Grace Li and Alice Woodhouse HONG KONG (Reuters) - A planned museum dedicated to the brutal crackdown on China's Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests has run into a legal challenge in Hong Kong that some say is motivated by pro-China interests ahead of the 25th anniversary of the bloodshed. The former British colony of Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997 but remains a free-wheeling, capitalist hub whose annual candlelight vigils on June 4 set it apart from mainland China where all public commemorations are banned.

China recruits 'guardian angels' to protect embattled doctors

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's capital Beijing is taking a novel approach to protecting doctors from growing levels of violence from angry patients: volunteer "guardian angels". The campaign will recruit students, medical workers and other patients to act as middlemen between doctors and those in their care to defuse disagreements and smooth over tensions, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday.

China warns US against 'interference' in Hong Kong

Beijing warned the United States on Monday against interfering in Hong Kong's affairs after US Vice President Joe Biden met with two of the city's outspoken pro-democracy campaigners last week. In an unusually high sign of support, Biden attended talks at the White House on Friday with Martin Lee, a founder of Hong Kong's opposition Democratic Party, and Anson Chan, former number two in the city's government. Biden "underscored our long-standing support for democracy in Hong Kong", the White House said in a statement.

China warns U.S. not to meddle in Hong Kong over democratic reform

HONG KONG (Reuters) - China has cautioned the United States not to interfere in Hong Kong affairs after Vice President Joseph Biden met two prominent pro-democracy advocates who have warned of Beijing's tightening control of the territory, state news agency Xinhua said. A former British colony that reverted to Chinese rule in 1997, Hong Kong enjoys considerable autonomy and broad freedoms as a capitalist hub.

U.S. congressmen decry China's failing promise for HK democracy

Two U.S. congressmen expressed concern Friday over the lack of freedom and democracy that Hong Kong was to have been entitled to enjoy after China's takeover of the British colony after they met with a pair of local pro-democracy icons, an advocacy group said.

Occupy Central to hold referendum in June for democratic resolution

A civilian group that threatens to occupy Hong Kong's central business district if the government does not endorse democracy in the coming leadership election said Thursday a civil referendum will be held in June to pick a final proposal for government's consideration.

Hong Kong democrats start hunger strike

More than a dozen Hong Kong democracy activists, including five lawmakers, said they were starting a hunger strike Friday as they step up their campaign for universal suffrage. Some 15 protesters began the action as fears grow that Beijing will row back on promises to implement genuine political reform in the semi-autonomous southern Chinese city. "True universal suffrage! We will fight to the end!" chanted participants, who had pitched tents to hold their protest in the financial district of Central.

Union Jack-waving fans greet Hong Kong's last governor

Hong Kong's last colonial governor Chris Patten got a hero's welcome to the city from emotional fans waving Union Jack flags and playing the British national anthem. Patten won widespread admiration from people in Hong Kong for his populist touch during his 1992-97 term, in contrast to his career diplomat predecessors who were seldom seen in public. He also earned the wrath of Beijing for pushing democratic reforms to Hong Kong's electoral system before the handover in 1997.

Former top Hong Kong official proposes political reform package

Hong Kong's former No. 2 in government on Thursday unveiled a set of proposals to reform the leadership election method in a way that would allow all eligible voters to participate in the nominating process Former Chief Secretary Anson Chan proposed a nominating committee of 1,400 members that would include 317 to be directly elected by Hong Kong's 3.4 million eligible voters, while any candidate who secures the nomination of one-tenth of the committee members could run for the office of chief executive.

Two Hong Kong men charged in stabbing attack on former editor

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Authorities in Hong Kong charged two men on Wednesday with wounding following last month's stabbing of the former editor of a major newspaper. Police charged the two 37-year-old men handed over by Chinese authorities on Monday after they were arrested in Guangdong province, across the border from the former British colony.
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