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Insight: Assad's sarin and how an Albanian 'Yes' became 'No'

By Benet Koleka and Anthony Deutsch TIRANA/THE HAGUE (Reuters) - On the evening of Monday, November 11, the U.S. ambassador to Tirana, Alexander Arvizu, met Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and his foreign minister at a government villa in the capital. News had emerged that a favor was being asked by the United States, and an unprecedented backlash was building just two months into Rama's tenure.

Protests grow in Albania against Syria weapons destruction

Several hundred people protested on Thursday in the capital Tirana and number of other towns across Albania against the possible destruction of Syrian chemical weaponry on its soil as requested by Washington. "The parliament will not make any decision that could endanger lives and the well-being of (Albanian) citizens and the country," Ilir Meta, chairman of the assembly, told protestors in front of the parliament building in Tirana. "Every decision will take into account Albania's future," Meta said, as the crowd shouted "No to chemical weapons".

Albania confirms US demand on Syria chemical weapon destruction

Albania confirmed Thursday it was asked by the US to destroy Syria's chemical arsenal on its soil, as protesters gathered outside the parliament in Tirana to demonstrate against any such plans. "We were contacted by the United States, but no decision has been made yet," parliamentary speaker Ilir Meta said late Thursday in an interview to Top Channel television. "Any decision will be made transparently and will take into account the interest of the country," Meta said.

Albania's new Socialist-led government targets economy, EU

By Benet Koleka TIRANA (Reuters) - The Albanian parliament on Sunday endorsed the new Socialist-led government of former Tirana mayor Edi Rama who has pledged to kickstart the economy, fight poverty, create jobs and move the country towards European Union membership. Lawmakers voted 82 to 55 in the 140-seat chamber to install Rama's cabinet after his Socialists won a landslide victory over the ruling Democrats in June's parliamentary election.

Socialist Edi Rama voted in as Albania's new PM

The Albanian parliament on Sunday approved the government of Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama who vowed to speed up Albania's integration into the European Union and revive an ailing economy. A total of 82 lawmakers in the 140-seat parliament supported Rama and his 20-member cabinet, which for the first time in Albania has six women ministers, including Mimi Kodheli as defence minister.

Rama: Paris-educated artist vows to redesign Albania

Albania's new Prime Minister Edi Rama, who was voted in on Sunday, is a painter-turned-politician who has vowed to transform the poorest Balkan country into a modern European state. A former student of Beaux Arts in Paris, 49-year-old Rama has adamantly fought to build up a "European Albania" as a "modern state ruled by law" ever since he entered politics after the fall of the communist dictatorship of Enver Hoxha in the late 1980s.

Albanian PM pledges 'major reforms' as he picks cabinet

Albanian President Bujar Nishani on Tuesday officially granted Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama permission to form a government after the left-wing coalition brought an end to eight years of conservative rule in June. Rama's Socialist Party won the largest number of seats in parliament after campaigning on a platform of greater integration with the European Union and a promise to tackle endemic corruption and organised crime in the Balkan country.

Albanian opposition sweeps to election victory

Albania's opposition Socialists swept to electoral victory Wednesday and the ruling party conceded defeat, the first time an election outcome is not contested in the Balkan country since the fall of communism in the 1990s. "These elections' results are accepted both by me and my party. We have lost this battle but change of power is vital for democracy," outgoing conservative Prime Minister Sali Berisha told reporters. Edi Rama's opposition Socialists swept to a landslide victory in Sunday's polls, winning almost 53 percent of the vote.

Artist and acclaimed ex-mayor takes on Albania

By Benet Koleka TIRANA (Reuters) - If outgoing Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha was one of the most resilient leaders of the turbulent Balkans, his successor after a Sunday election is its most colorful. Towering over most of his countrymen, former basketball player and artist Edi Rama won international acclaim by splashing paint and cleaning up his native Tirana in a decade as its energetic mayor.

Albanian leader concedes defeat, soothes fears of poll dispute

By Benet Koleka TIRANA (Reuters) - Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha conceded defeat on Wednesday after losing a parliamentary election at the weekend, ending three days of public silence and soothing fears of a messy handover of power in the volatile NATO country. The concession speech to supporters in downtown Tirana clears the way for the capital's former mayor and leader of the opposition Socialist Party, Edi Rama, to take power after a landslide victory on Sunday.
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