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Stephen J. Harper's hockey history includes spectral prime ministerial presence

OTTAWA - There's the ghost of a prime minister lurking somewhere between the words of Stephen J. Harper's gorgeously bound, deeply researched and impressively illustrated and footnoted hockey history. "A Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs and the Rise of Professional Hockey," is the tale of Canadian hockey's beginnings at the turn of the 20th century and the war between amateurism — with all its character- and nation-building ideology — and the early barnstorming, paid professionals.

Israel wants Harper's advice on natural gas during historic visit: ambassador

OTTAWA - Israel's new ambassador says his country appreciates Prime Minister Stephen Harper's unwavering friendship, his government's tough talk on Iran, and even its financial aid to the Palestinian people. But when Harper makes his historic visit next month to Israel, its leaders want his help in another area — making the most of its newly discovered natural gas. Newly-arrived Israeli ambassador Rafi Barak says Harper likely has a lot to share on how to help his country make the most of its large offshore energy reserves.

Harper breaks into song after announcing first official trip to Israel

TORONTO - Prime Minister Stephen Harper basked in the glow of support from members of Canada's Jewish community on Sunday, announcing a first-ever trip to Israel next year and then breaking into song at a gala fundraising dinner. Hundreds of kilometres away from the battle-like atmosphere of Parliament Hill where the Senate scandal rages on, Harper was clearly relaxed and comfortable enough at the Jewish National Fund's Negev dinner to belt out his own rendition of the Who's "The Seeker" and a string of other classic songs.

Rob Ford for PM? I think not, says Canada's Harper

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Thursday sniffed at the notion of disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford running for prime minister one day, after Ford expressed interest in the top job. "I've heard Mr. Ford's statements to the effect that he would like to become prime minister of Canada. Obviously this is not something that I'm in favour of," Harper said in reply to a reporter's question. The prime minister's office previously said it does not condone drug abuse but would continue to work with Ford.

Toronto voters will pass judgment on Ford, but he can't have my job: Harper

LAC-MEGANTIC, Que. - Prime Minister Stephen Harper is speaking out for the first time on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford — and keeping his tongue planted firmly in his cheek. Harper jokes that he's heard Ford say publicly he wants to be prime minister, a notion Harper says he clearly can't support. But when it comes to the Toronto mayor's future, Harper says that's for the voters of that city to decide.

Just what was said: Quotes from prime ministers and presidents on sports

Prime Minister Stephen Harper waded in on the subject of hockey violence Tuesday. Here are some comments from political figures, including Harper, who have given their views on sports: __ "I do think that authorities have historically not taken their responsibility to try and keep the rough, tough part of the game within the rules." _ Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking Tuesday on violence in hockey. ___

If Harper wants to be PM, job comes with questions from journalists: Mulcair

EDMONTON - Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair says if Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to lead a modern democracy, he needs to realize that includes taking hard questions. Mulcair, speaking to reporters in Edmonton, was reacting to a news report that the Prime Minister's Office was ready this week to ban from the PM's plane a CTV reporter who earlier asked a question of Harper at a no-questions event.

Singer-songwriter Roy Harper rediscovers youth - and vice versa

By Jeremy Gaunt LONDON (Reuters) - After decades as a critically acclaimed but fringe figure in music, British singer-songwriter Roy Harper is suddenly finding himself in demand. Aged 72 and some 50 years into his career, Harper has been "discovered" by the young - drawn by his complex, intelligent lyrics and his persona as poetic outsider.

Canadian PM's London visit sparks protest

British police on Thursday arrested three environmental activists after they staged a protest against the historic visit of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the Houses of Parliament. The demonstrators claimed to have made it to the roof of parliament during a protest against Harper's speech to a joint meeting of the House of Commons and Lords, the first time a Canadian prime minister has been afforded such an honour since William Lyon Mackenzie King in 1944.

Harper won't put a timeline on free-trade talks with European Union

LONDON, UK - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says arbitrary timelines won't determine when Canada inks a free-trade pact with the European Union. Harper told journalists Wednesday in London that his government will only agree to a deal when it meets Canada's best interests. "Obviously, these have been long discussions. They're continuing. We have been making a lot of progress, and they are the biggest trade negotiations Canada has ever had in its history," the prime minister said.
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