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Armenians vote in hotly-contested Yerevan mayor race

Armenians in the capital Yerevan voted Sunday in a mayoral election that the country's weakened opposition hopes would see them claw back momentum from President Serzh Sarkisian reelection. Several opposition parties are taking part in the vote for mayor of Yerevan after they failed to put up candidates for the presidential poll in February. "I voted for... the political party that has a clear idea of the role of the mayor's office in the political life and system of government in Armenia," Sarkisian told journalists after casting his ballot.

Armenia polls free of 'violations': election commission

The Armenian polls that saw President Serzh Sarkisian win re-election were free of any serious violations, the central elections commission said Monday as it released the poll's final results. Serzh Sarkisian scored crushing victory in last week's presidential elections seen as a crucial test for the ex-Soviet state. "In the course of the electoral campaign and the vote, there were no violations that could have affected the elections' result," said the head of the Central Elections Commission, Tigran Mukuchyan.

US concerned by 'serious violations' in Armenian vote

The United States voiced concern Wednesday over "serious violations" in Armenia's electoral process after President Serzh Sarkisian was re-elected. Thousands of opposition supporters rallied in the Armenian capital earlier against Sarkisian's victory in elections seen as a crucial democratic test for the former Soviet state. "We agree with the findings that while election day was calm and orderly, it was marked by undue interference in the process, mainly by proxies representing the incumbent, and some serious violations, including cases of pressure on voters," Nuland said.

Armenia votes after presidential candidate's shooting

Armenians began voting Monday in presidential elections already marred by the non-fatal shooting of an opposition candidate and the lack of any high-profile alternative to incumbent Serzh Sarkisian. Monday's poll will test the small Caucasus nation's democratic credentials two decades after the Soviet Union's collapse -- a period defined by persistent tensions with neighbouring Azerbaijan and a friendship with Russia.

Armenia polls to go ahead despite candidate attack

Armenia's presidential elections will be held as scheduled on February 18 after a candidate injured in an apparent assassination attempt withdrew Monday his demand to delay the elections. Candidate Paruyr "Hayrikyan, has withdrawn on Monday his demand to postpone the presidential elections by two weeks," Armenia's Constitutional Court spokesman, Hovannes Papikian, told AFP. "I had the right to an equal electoral campaign, but my rights have been violated," Hayrikyan told journalists.
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