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Spain says 184 people a day evicted from homes in 2013

Spanish courts reported Friday an average of 184 home evictions a day in 2013 as debt-struck residents struggled with the aftermath of a 2008 property crash. Spain's General Council of Judicial Powers gave for the first time the total number of evictions of renters and mortgage holders carried out in a year: 67,189, or 184 a day, in 2013. The courts said they had issued a total 82,860 eviction orders for the year, not all of which were carried out.

Respite for families in Spain mass eviction protest

Doris Perez broke into tears when she heard she could stay two weeks more in the Spanish apartment she has occupied, amid a mass protest to save her and scores of others from eviction. Occupied by 15 destitute families, the apartment block in the northeastern town of Salt has become a symbol of the fight against evictions brought on by Spain's housing crash. "The eviction has been suspended," Perez said, after learning that the European Court of Justice had postponed until October 29 their order to leave, while it studies the case.

Montreal police contact Calgary counterparts regarding sovereign renter

CALGARY - Police in Montreal say they have been in contact with their Calgary counterparts regarding a self-proclaimed sovereign citizen who is said to have a history of claiming rental properties as "embassies" and refusing to leave. Andreas Pirelli, 48, who sources have confirmed also goes by Mario Antonacci, was charged with pushing a landlady down a flight of stairs in Montreal in 2007. An arrest warrant was issued in May 2010 when he failed to show up during his trial.

Two more Spanish regions take steps to stop evictions

Two more Spanish regional governments have adopted measures to reduce a glut of empty homes and fight evictions which have soared in the country as it grapples with a record unemployment rate of 26 percent. The president of the regional government of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, said late on Tuesday his administration will shortly table a law which will expropriate properties from which needy people are about to be evicted for up to three years to allow them to continue to live there.

Vietnam jails official over 'hero' farmer eviction

A Vietnamese local government official was jailed for two and a half years Wednesday for the destruction of the home of a farmer who became a national hero for resisting eviction, state media said. Doan Van Vuon become a symbol of rising public dissatisfaction over land rights after arming his family with homemade shotguns in an attempt to keep their fish farm east of Hanoi.

Vietnam 'hero' fish farmer jailed for five years

A Vietnamese farmer who became a folk hero after using homemade weapons to resist eviction was handed an unexpectedly lenient sentence of five years Friday for attempted murder. Doan Van Vuon and his family rose to prominence after arming themselves with makeshift shotguns to hold off local officials trying to remove them from their fish farm in Tien Lang district, 90 kilometres (55 miles) east of Hanoi. The January 2012 incident, in which seven policemen were injured, quickly became a symbol of rising public dissatisfaction over land rights.

Trial of Vietnam fish farmer turned folk hero begins

A Vietnamese farmer who became a folk hero after using homemade weapons to resist eviction went on trial Tuesday as scores of people defied police to voice support for the flashpoint issue of land rights. At least three well-known activists were arrested as police broke up a rowdy protest outside the Hai Phong People's Court in support of Doan Van Vuon, who rose to prominence by leading his family's resistance against authorities.

Trial of Vietnam fish farmer turned folk hero begins

The trial of a Vietnamese fish farmer who became a folk hero after using homemade shotguns to resist eviction began Tuesday, with scores of people defying a heavy police presence to show their support. Hundreds of police shut down the roads by the Hai Phong People's Court to hold back supporters of Doan Van Vuon, who rose to prominence by leading his family's resistance against the authorities in a nation where land rights are a flashpoint issue.

Poor families beat eviction in Spain crisis

The walls of the apartment are cracked and patched with damp, but the faded family photographs of Maria Luisa Brana, her husband and their four children, are still hanging. Eight months ago the five of them -- all jobless, like millions in Spain's recession -- faced being thrown out for failing to pay their mortgage. Unlike many families, they have beaten the odds. With legal help from the PAH, a citizen protest movement fighting against a wave of evictions across Spain, they managed to get their order to leave cancelled.

Locksmiths, firemen refuse to aid evictions in Spain

Locksmiths and firemen in Spain are rebelling against a wave of evictions in the economic crisis by refusing to help bailiffs open ruined homeowners' doors to throw them out. "Families' lives were being ruined and we were acting as executioners," David Ormaechea, president of the Locksmiths Union, told AFP. "It was causing us tension and unease." A wave of evictions of mortgage-holders ruined by the recession has prompted several suicides and sparked a protest movement that last week brought a motion to parliament for a law to end the procedure.
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