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Spying for Mossad, Israeli author never forsook fiction

By Dan Williams RAMAT RAZIEL, Israel (Reuters) - For retired Israeli spy Mishka Ben-David, writing fiction was a realization of artistic aspirations he had long suppressed. Ben-David had a doctorate in Hebrew literature and four books published when the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad recruited him in 1987. He agreed to avoid the authorial limelight as he embarked on a career of surveillance and subterfuge, including a role in Israel's botched assassination of Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Jordan in 1997.

Israel to pay $1.1 million to family of "Prisoner X"

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel will pay $1.1 million to the family of alleged Mossad spy Ben Zygier, a dual Australian-Israeli national who hanged himself in prison three years ago, the Justice Ministry said on Wednesday. Zygier, a Jew from Melbourne who moved to Israel, became a citizen and joined its army, was detained in 2010 but his case was kept under wraps until last February when an Australian television expose uncovered it. The reasons for his detention remain top secret in Israel and his family has not commented.

Israel to compensate family of 'Prisoner X'

The family of Ben Zygier, an Australian-Israeli known as "Prisoner X," had accused Israel of negligence in dealing with his case.

Nigeria Hezbollah suspects allege harsh Mossad grilling

Two Lebanese suspects alleged to be members of Hezbollah and on trial in Nigeria on terrorism charges told a court Monday they were harshly interrogated by Israeli agents after their arrests. Mustapha Fawaz, Abdallah Thahini and Talal Ahmad Roda were arrested in May after the discovery of an arms cache in a residence in the northern Nigerian city of Kano. They have been accused of plotting attacks against Western and Israeli targets in Nigeria and have denied the charges. An Israeli embassy spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

2nd 'Prisoner X' in isolation in Israel prison

A second "Prisoner X" who is being held in top-secret conditions in an Israeli jail has been detained in total isolation for many years, the Israeli media reported on Thursday. The prisoner, whose identity has not been revealed even to the guards, is locked in a high security cell with no windows in Ayalon prison near Tel Aviv, reports said, adding that he is only allowed a brief walk alone in a courtyard surrounded by a wall.

2nd 'Prisoner X' held in top secret in Israel

A second 'Prisoner X' was being held in top-secret conditions in the same jail where an Israeli-Australian spy took his own life in 2010, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

2nd 'Prisoner X' held in top secret in Israel

A second 'Prisoner X' was being held in top-secret conditions in the same jail where an Israeli-Australian spy took his his own life in 2010, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. Court documents cited by Haaretz newspaper said the prisoner was being held in another wing of Ayalon prison at the same time as Ben Zygier, an alleged Mossad spy whose mysterious arrest and subsequent suicide shocked Israel and Australia when it hit the headlines in February. The documents show the second prisoner had already been convicted without saying what his crime was.

Australian Mossad spy interfered in Israeli operation: TV report

CANBERRA (Reuters) - An Australian emigrant and disgraced Mossad spy who died in an Israeli jail in 2010 was arrested after interfering in a secret Israeli intelligence operation to recover the bodies of soldiers killed in the 1982 Lebanon war, an Australian news report said on Tuesday. Ben Zygier was arrested in January 2010 and held in secret under the name of Prisoner X on unspecified security charges. A judicial inquiry in Israel found Zygier, 34, hanged himself in a high-security jail cell.

'Prisoner X' sabotaged spy mission to recover bodies

Australian-Israeli Mossad agent Ben Zygier unwittingly sabotaged a top secret spy operation aimed at bringing home the bodies of Israeli soldiers missing in Lebanon, a report said Tuesday. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which broke the story in February of Zygier's arrest, detention and suicide in a Tel Aviv jail, said his recklessness forced Mossad to abort the sophisticated mission.

No charges in jail death of Australian Mossad spy

By Maayan Lubell JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel will not press charges over the prison suicide of a disgraced Mossad spy from Australia, despite a series of missteps by jail officials on the day of his death in 2010, the Justice Ministry said on Thursday. Ben Zygier, 34, received "distressing news" from his wife just hours before hanging himself, but the jailer responsible for watching surveillance video from the isolation cell was away from the screen and missed the moments leading up to his death.
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