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Penis hotpots and snake blood: Asia's libido-boosting foods

Holding aloft a half-metre long horse penis, chef Xiao Shan confidently declares it "the most delicious" of the ingredients in a Chinese hotpot of male genitalia, one of many supposed Asian remedies to boost the libido. Penises and testicles from donkey, goat, dog, bull and deer, the other contributors to the $200 feast, are laid out on a kitchen table, like a sorry-looking row of odd-sized sausages and veiny, oval vegetables, all waiting to be sliced up by his looming, intimidating cleaver.

French coq dance ends S African artist in clink

An eccentric South African artist has been charged with sexual exhibitionism after a street performance in central Paris in which he tied a rooster to his penis. Steve Cohen was arrested on Tuesday on a busy public square a stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower. Sporting platform shoes, dressed up as a bird and with a cord wrapped around his penis and attached to the rooster, he was able to dance for around ten minutes before police stepped in.

Australian lodges fork in penis for sexual pleasure

Shocked doctors had to perform emergency surgery on a man in the Australian capital Canberra after he lodged a 10 centimetre (four-inch) steel fork inside his penis for sexual pleasure. The bizarre incident was considered so unusual that it was written up as a case report in a recent issue of the International Journal of Surgery. According to the paper "An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body," the 70-year-old arrived at the emergency department of Canberra Hospital with a bleeding penis "following self-insertion of a fork into the urethra to achieve sexual gratification".

Brazilian woman cuts off husband's penis

A Brazilian woman cut off her husband's penis after she caught him cheating on her with a man, a report said Friday. Upon learning of her husband's indiscretion, the woman did not act at first but days later proposed a sex game during which she tied him to their bed. As he lay still, she cut off his penis with a serrated knife, the G1 website of Globo television reported. The act of revenge played out in Santos, which is 77 kilometers (50 miles) southeast of Sao Paulo.

TLC goes balls-out with '132 Lb Scrotum' special

By Tim Kenneally LOS ANGELES ( - TLC will air quite the ballsy special next month. The network that gave the world "Best Funeral Ever" announced on Wednesday that will air the one-hour special "The Man With the 132 Lb Scrotum' on August 19 at 9 p.m. The documentary will document the life of 49-year-old Las Vegas resident Wesley Warren Jr., who suffers from the thankfully rare medical condition scrotal lymphedema.

California woman gets life for chopping off husband's penis

(Reuters) - A judge sentenced a Southern California woman who cut off her estranged husband's penis and tossed it in the garbage disposal to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Catherine Kieu, 50, was convicted by an Orange County jury in April of aggravated mayhem and torture following the July 2011 assault on her ex-husband. Kieu drugged her former spouse before tying him up and severing his penis with a knife. She then threw it into the garbage disposal unit.

Penis size does matter to women, researchers say

The eternal question of whether penis size matters to women has been probed by a team of international scientists who reported on Monday that yes, ladies do find larger men more attractive. What’s more, prehistoric women who could see the sex organs of their scantily clad male counterparts may have helped influence the evolution of larger genitals in men by choosing to mate with partners who were bigger. Researchers said they decided to tackle the topic because past studies had offered conflicting answers, and may have been sullied by asking the women too directly.

Sea animal has grow-again penis

Scientists reported Wednesday on the bizarre sex life of a sea slug that discards its penis after copulation. Then grows a new one. "No other animal is known to repeatedly copulate using such 'disposable penes'," Japanese biologists wrote in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, describing the behaviour as "extremely peculiar". Dubbed Chromodoris reticulata in Latin, the red-and-white slug -- technically a shell-less mollusc -- inhabits warms waters in Southeast Asia.
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