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Chinese forces shoot Tibetans in national flag feud

At least 60 Tibetans who protested over the weekend against the arrest of a local leader in the fight against orders to fly the Chinese flag in western China's Tibetan Autonomous Region were shot and wounded by security forces, media reports and Tibet's government-in-exile said Tuesday. In a move to strengthen control in the Tibetan inhabited region, Tibetans were told to fly the national flag at home to foster "patriotism," which fanned anti-China sentiment among Tibetans.

URGENT ¥¥¥ Dalai Lama office confirms 100th Tibetan self-immolation bid

The Dalai Lama's office said Wednesday that a self-immolation bid by a monk in Nepal was the 100th such protest against Chinese rule since 2009. "We can confirm that this is the 100th self-immolation bid," Tempa Tsering, a representative in the Dalai Lama's office in New Delhi told AFP, adding that the monk's decision to burn himself was "very unfortunate". abh/adp/jw
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