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Marina Silva thinks protests could change Brazil's course

Sao Paulo, Jul 11 (EFE).- Brazilian environmentalist and former presidential candidate Marina Silva on Thursday here called the social protests a "movement of beauty and majesty" that have "the potential to change" the country in a speech at the second "Efe Cafe da manhã" (Efe Morning Coffee) forum. Silva, who in the 2010 presidential election finished in third place with about 20 percent of the votes, said that the country's "awakening ... was just a question of time."

Brazil environmental icon to form a new party

Environmental icon and former senator Marina Silva will set up a new party Saturday, one year before Brazil's presidential elections, an aide said Friday. Silva, 55, won a surprising 20 million votes -- 19 percent of the total -- in a first round of voting when she ran for president in 2010. President Dilma Rousseff, from the leftist Worker's Party, won the subsequent run-off vote in a race against a right-wing rival.
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