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Whale militants to head to Atlantic if Japan abides

Environmental movement Sea Shepherd said Monday it was ready to refocus its attention on stopping whaling by Norway and other European nations if Japan abides by a UN court order. The US-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which systematically harasses Japan's whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean, hailed a decision by the International Court of Justice in The Hague that ordered Tokyo to halt its hunt.

Sea Shepherd ready for aggression from Japan whalers

Conservation group Sea Shepherd Australia said Monday it was preparing for increased aggression from Japanese whalers in its annual campaign to stop the slaughter of the giant animals off Antarctica. Three Sea Shepherd boats are due to leave from Melbourne and Hobart within days to harass and deter the Japanese harpoon ships which hunt minke, fin and humpback whales in the southern hemisphere summer.

Canadian anti-whaling activist Paul Watson testifies in U.S. court

SEATTLE - A fugitive activist known for attacking Japanese whaling vessels off Antarctica insisted "we're not pirates" Wednesday as he addressed a U.S. appeals court considering whether he and the organization he founded should be held in contempt. Paul Watson, the Canadian founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, took the witness stand in a Seattle courtroom. Japanese whalers accuse them of violating a court order demanding that they leave the whalers alone.

Fugitive eco-activist eyes anti-whale battle from afar

Fugitive eco-activist Paul Watson is due in a US court this week for his latest legal battle -- but, after 15 months on the run, he says he is happy to leave the high seas clashes to friends in Australia. The Canadian-born Sea Shepherd founder arrived in California last week more than a year after fleeing arrest in Germany, spending most of the intervening time at sea in the South Pacific and Southern Ocean.

Fugitive eco activist lands in US after 15 months at sea

Fugitive eco-warrior Paul Watson has arrived in the United States after 15 months at sea on the run from an international Interpol request for his arrest, he announced Thursday. Watson vowed to continue campaigning "undaunted" and said he was heading for Seattle after arriving in Los Angeles earlier this week, to defend himself from legal action there. "I have returned to the United States," he said in a statement on his Facebook page, adding that an Interpol "Red Notice" from Costa Rica "has been dropped."

At sea for months, Sea Shepherd fugitive founder disembarks

After 15 months at sea, fugitive eco-warrior Paul Watson has disembarked in the United States despite an international Interpol request for his arrest, his organisation Sea Shepherd announced Thursday. Watson, a 62-year-old Canadian, arrived in Los Angeles on Monday, passed through customs and "was not arrested", Lamya Essemlali, head of Sea Shepherd France, told AFP. He decided to disembark to testify in a court case due to take place next week in Seattle over his marine conservation organisation's actions in Antarctica against Japanese whalers, Essemlali said.

Criminal or conservationist? Paul Watson marks year at sea after fleeing arrest

TORONTO - He's been sailing the world's oceans for a year to avoid arrest, has been forced to become an observer at one of his most cherished campaigns and hasn't held his young granddaughter since she was a newborn. But the Canadian founder of the radical environmental group Sea Shepherd remains as self-assured as ever. "I intend to weather it out no matter what the consequences are. Whether they apprehend me or not, Sea Shepherd's campaigns will continue to go on," Paul Watson tells The Canadian Press in a phone interview from a ship on the Southern Ocean.

Anti-whalers return to Australia claiming win over Japan

The Sea Shepherd anti-whaling fleet docked in Australia Wednesday claiming victory over Japan, as the activist group urged Canberra to grant fugitive founder Paul Watson free passage into the country. The ships Steve Irwin, Bob Barker and Sam Simon returned from a bitter campaign in the isolated Southern Ocean in Antarctica with an estimated Aus$1.0 million (US$1.03 million) damage bill after run-ins with Japanese whalers.

Activists confront Japanese over whale kill

Militant environmentalists Monday accused Japanese whalers of attempting to crash into their ship as they tried to prevent harpoonists from hauling a slaughtered whale on board. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which is chasing the Japanese fleet hunting whales off Antarctica, said the confrontation occurred after its Bob Barker vessel attempted to block the transfer of a dead whale.
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