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Israel to privatise famed Uzi submachine gun's maker

Israel plans to privatise loss-making Israel Military Industries Ltd (IMI), manufacturer of the legendary Uzi sub machinegun, Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Wednesday. "I am pleased at the green light for the privatisation of IMI," Yaalon said in a statement, explaining that, despite its "excellent products," the company had losses that did not permit its survival. IMI will be split up, with certain parts folded in to a new state enterprise for reasons of "vital national security," according to Globes business daily.

Israel frees 26 Palestinian prisoners

Israel freed 26 veteran Palestinian prisoners on Wednesday, alongside US-brokered peace talks, AFP correspondents said. A group of 21 prisoners from the West Bank left Ofer prison, near Jerusalem, shortly after 1:00 am (2300 GMT) and the other five crossed moments later into the Gaza strip, correspondents at both sites said. yl-sa-scw-agr/gk

Israel set to streamline military forces

Israel's military is set to change to increase its "technological advantage" over other regional armies, Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Thursday, while cutting away at costly traditional field forces. "We are facing a revolutionary multi-year plan, at the end of which, in a few years, we'll see a different IDF (Israel defence forces)," he wrote on his Facebook page. According to Yaalon, "in light of the changes in the region and the abilities the army developed", the defence establishment decided to "initiate significant reform".

Israel's navy gears up for new job of protecting gas fields

Israel's huge new offshore gas resource offers its enemies an obvious target and gives its navy, long overshadowed by other branches of the Israeli armed forces, a big job that will require extra spending.On patrol boat 836, circling two gas platforms in choppy Mediterranean waters, Captain Ilan Lavi flipped through pictures of the possible threats: boat bombs, drones, submarine vessels, rockets and missiles."We have to build an entire new defensive envelope," said Lavi, head of the navy's planning department who talks as knowledgeably about the financial aspects of the gas i

Israel probes Instagram picture of child in crosshairs

The Israeli army said Tuesday it has launched an investigation after a soldier allegedly posted a picture on Instagram of a Palestinian child's head in the crosshairs of his sniper rifle. The picture, which went viral on the Facebook-owned picture-sharing website before it was removed, shows a child sitting with his back to the sniper's telescope, with its crosshairs on the left side of his head. The gun is pointing out of a window in the direction of what appears to be a Palestinian neighbourhood or village.

Outcry over Israel soldier's photo of boy in crosshairs

JERUSALEM, Feb 19 (Reuters) - An Israeli soldier has provoked an outcry by publishing a photograph that appeared to show the back of a Palestinian boy's head seen through the crosshairs of a rifle. Israel's army said on Tuesday it would hold an investigation into the conduct of the soldier, who posted the picture on the online photo-sharing website Instagram. Israeli media identified the soldier as a 20-year-old conscript serving in the occupied West Bank.
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