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Berlin 'Best Actor' living in German asylum-seekers home

A year ago Bosnian amateur actor Nazif Mujic walked the red carpet of the Berlin film festival as the winner of the Best Actor award, the prestigious Silver Bear. Today he languishes with his wife and their three children in an asylum-seekers home on the edge of the German capital, awaiting deportation. His tobacco-stained fingers caress the statuette and a smile crosses his gap-toothed face, as his tattooed wife reclines tired on the couch, smiling at the prestigious trophy.

Silver Bear winner returns home to Bosnian Roma slum

"Bosnia's best actor lives here," says a brightly coloured cardboard sign hung on a tree, near where the village's asphalt road turns into the muddy path that leads to a Roma slum. Now Nazif Mujic faces being forced to return to his previous job, hunting for scrap metal for just a few euros a day. Earlier this month, Mujic picked up the Silver Bear for best actor at the Berlin Film Festival. His performance in Bosnian director Danis Tanovic's "An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker" was one of the highlights of the festival.

Berlin film fest winner heads home to scrap dealing life

By Muhamed Kahrimanovic POLJICE, Bosnia (Reuters) - Berlin film festival winner, actor, scrap dealer, father, husband or outcast on the fringes of society? The flowers and cheering which greeted Berlin film festival 2013 best actor Nazif Mujic on his return home to Bosnia this week are the latest in a string of unbelievable surprises for a poor Roma who has spent a lifetime on the fringes of society.
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