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Zimbawe's Mugabe slams Europe's 'homosexual nonsense'

Zimbabwe's strong man ruler Robert Mugabe lashed out at Europe's "homosexual nonsense" and condemned the refusal of its leaders to accept his grip on power in his latest marathon tirade on Friday. "The Europe of yesterday is gone, we have a Europe of today which has no principles at all," the 90-year-old told a crowd of thousands gathered in a Harare stadium to mark 34 years since the country's independence from Britain.

US sanctions government official in Zimbabwe, others for allegedly undermining democracy

WASHINGTON - The Treasury Department is sanctioning a government official and others in Zimbabwe for allegedly undermining democracy in the southern African nation. The department announced Thursday that it has sanctioned Tobaiwa (toh-BY'-wah) Mudede (MOO'-deh-deh), a well-known and prominent supporter of President Robert Mugabe (moo-GAH'-bay). As registrar-general, Mudede controls the roll of voters that is widely alleged to be used by Mugabe's ruling party to rig elections.

Suspected Greek neo-Nazis get life for murdering Pakistani

Two suspected members of Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn were sentenced Tuesday to life in prison over the fatal stabbing of a Pakistani immigrant last year, a judicial source said. However, the Athens court judging the case threw out the prosecution's argument that the murder of 27-year-old Shehzad Luqman in January 2013 was racially motivated.

Special Report: From Hungary, far-right party spreads ideology, tactics

By Marcin Goettig and Christian Lowe WARSAW (Reuters) - In a rented public hall not far from Poland's parliament, about 150 people gathered one afternoon late last year to hear speeches by a collection of far-right leaders from around Europe. The event was organized by Ruch Narodowy, or National Movement, a Polish organization that opposes foreign influences, views homosexuality as an illness and believes Poland is threatened by a leftist revolution hatched in Brussels.

Hungary's far-right party gain after 'nice' campaign

Hungary's far-right Jobbik party, describing itself as the EU's "most successful radical nationalist party", was celebrating gains in weekend elections on Monday after a campaign that sought to curb its nastiest rhetoric. Ahead of European elections next month that are also expected to see strong results for anti-immigration, anti-EU parties, Jobbik increased its support base across many parts of Hungary to come third with 20.5 percent of the national vote.

France's far-right to ban faith-based school lunch options

PARIS (Reuters) - Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen said on Friday it would prevent schools from offering special lunches to Muslim pupils in the 11 towns it won in local elections, saying such arrangements were contrary to France's secular values. France's republic has a strict secular tradition enforceable by law, but faith-related demands have risen in recent years, especially from the country's five-million-strong Muslim minority, the largest in Europe.

French far-right leader says pork or nothing for pupils

School canteens will no longer offer non-pork meal options in towns where France's anti-immigration far-right National Front party won local elections, its leader Marine Le Pen said Monday. Le Pen reignited debate on a sensitive issue about the substitution meals targeting mainly Muslim and Jewish pupils for whom pork is taboo. "We will accept no religious requirements in the school lunch menus," Le Pen told RTL radio. "There is no reason for religion to enter into the public sphere." She defended the decision saying it was necessary to "save secularism".

Le Pen faces reality check in depressed French towns

By Nicholas Vinocur PARIS (Reuters) - Far-right leader Marine Le Pen humbled France's establishment with a powerful showing in local elections. Now comes the hard part: proving her party can improve everyday life in the gritty, problem-ridden towns it will run. The anti-immigrant, anti-EU National Front won 11 town halls on Sunday, more than double its record from the 1990s in a performance that highlights the potential of far-right parties to win seats in European parliament elections in May.

Greek PM's aide quits over purported Golden Dawn video

ATHENS (Reuters) - A senior aide to Greece's prime minister resigned on Wednesday after the far-right Golden Dawn party said a video showed him suggesting the government had tried to press judges to jail its members. Government Secretary General Takis Baltakos did not refer directly to the comments he was reported to have made in the video, but said he was stepping down because of the furor caused by the video released online and shown on television.

White House 'disappointed' at Israel, Palestinians

The White House said Wednesday it was disappointed by "unhelpful" actions by both Israelis and Palestinians that threaten to tear apart a US-led peace effort. Secretary of State John Kerry's bid to save peace talks is in peril after Israel announced plans for new settlement building and the Palestinians took steps towards seeking international recognition. White House deputy spokesman Josh Earnest expressed disappointment at "unhelpful, unilateral actions both parties have taken in recent days."
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