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Swastikas daubed on two high schools in Swedish capital

Swastikas were painted overnight on a Stockholm high school with a Jewish curriculum and on another one with many ethnic minority students, school authorities said Monday. Police said meanwhile that two women and two men were injured late Saturday in the southern Swedish city of Malmo when a fight broke out between left wing militants taking part in a feminist march and members of the far right Party of the Swedes.

Oregon teens charged in swastika-carving attack on student

By Teresa Carson PORTLAND, Oregon (Reuters) - Four Portland teenagers have been charged with luring another teen into a shed, hitting him with a crowbar, shooting him with a BB gun, forcing him to eat cat feces and carving a swastika on his forehead, court documents provided on Friday revealed. The documents indicated the victim in the case, Dustyn Murrain, was lured to the shed earlier this month by a girl and then attacked by the other teens.

Swastikas daubed on Stockholm mosque

Unknown perpetrators daubed black swastikas on the front door of a Stockholm mosque overnight, police said Thursday. The incident happened amid growing concern about racism in Sweden, a country otherwise enjoying a reputation for tranquility and tolerance. "When a staff member of the mosque turned up for work, he discovered that the entrance had been vandalised. Among other things, he found that several swastikas has been painted," police said in a statement.

Nazi-themed cafe in Indonesia to reopen sans swastikas

A controversial Nazi-themed cafe in Indonesia would be reopened with a broader World War II theme -- without the swastika symbols but retaining images of Adolf Hitler, the owner's lawyer said Tuesday. The SoldatenKaffee ("The Soldiers' Cafe") -- ornamented with Nazi-related memorabilia -- was voluntarily shut down on Friday following death threats to the owner Henry Mulyana, who is accused of inciting racial hatred.

White man's skull has Australians scratching heads

The centuries-old skull of a white man found in Australia is raising questions about whether Captain James Cook really was the first European to land on the country's east coast. The skull was found in northern New South Wales in late 2011, and police initially prepared themselves for a gruesome murder investigation. But scientific testing revealed that not only was it much older than expected, but possibly belonged to a white man born around 1650, well before Englishman Cook reached the eastern seaboard on the Endeavour in 1770.

Swedish queen files complaint over satirical artwork

Sweden's German-born Queen Silvia has filed a complaint against four publications that last year printed photos of a satirical artwork depicting her trying to scrub a swastika off the floor, the palace said Wednesday. "We can confirm that the queen has filed a complaint with the Press Council," a professional body that rules on appeals in disputes with the media, palace spokeswoman Annika Soennerberg said. "We won't make any other comment until the Council has made a decision," she added. Soennerberg said she did not know when the Council would publish its ruling.
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