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Secret to longer life may be in the brain

Scientists said Wednesday they had found a brain region that controls physical ageing, and could target it to manipulate the lifespan of lab mice. The findings may be a step towards finding the holy grail of slowing human ageing, but have yet to be tested in human subjects. The research, published in the journal Nature, implicates the hypothalamus -- a brain region that regulates growth, reproduction and metabolism, in the gradual and coordinated bodily deterioration we call ageing.

Prosecutors now unsure testosterone found at Pistorius home

South African prosecutors admitted late Wednesday they were no longer sure that a substance found at Olympian Oscar Pistorius's home was in fact testosterone, rowing back on dramatic court testimony hours earlier. "We can't tell what it is," said national prosecuting authority spokesman Medupe Simasiku. "We can't confirm or deny it until we get the forensic report." A police witness for the prosecution earlier said at Pistorius's bail hearing that they had found "two boxes of testosterone and needles and injections."
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