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Bombardier didn't report Canada jet-fuel spill; cleanup continues

By Solarina Ho TORONTO (Reuters) - Bombardier Inc said on Thursday it had spilled 10,000 liters (2,642 gallons) of kerosene in February at its Mirabel plant outside of Montreal in Quebec, but failed to report the accident with environment officials immediately. "Everyone was focused on the decontamination and the process for filing the paper work did not happen immediately," spokeswoman Haley Dunne told Reuters.

Bombardier delays first flight of Learjet 85 due to software issue

MONTREAL - Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) has delayed the first flight of its new Learjet 85 business jet because of an undisclosed systems issue that will require a software update. The company said Wednesday the fix could take "several days or longer" and did not provide a new date for the flight, which was postponed last week due in part to poor weather. Spokeswoman Annie Cossette said Bombardier discovered the issue as part of the routine and ongoing review process that's part of first flight preparation.

Lufthansa confident about Bombardier CSeries jets despite delay

By Susan Taylor TORONTO (Reuters) - Deutsche Lufthansa AG <LHAG.DE> said on Monday that it is disappointed by development delays with Bombardier Inc's <BBDb.TO> all-new CSeries jetliner, but the airline said it remains confident it picked the right aircraft. Lufthansa's chief plane buyer, executive vice president of fleet management Nico Buchholz, said he has seen schedules for other new planes slip in the past and has no reason to believe that Bombardier will not meet its new delivery target.

Russia sanctions put Canadian aircraft sales in doubt

Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier faces $3.4 billion in lost potential sales to Russia as Canada and its allies impose sanctions over the former Soviet state's move to annex Crimea, reports said Friday. A senior executive told an investor conference in New York this week that the clash between the West and Russia has created a snag in its negotiations to sell as many as 100 Q400 Turboprop aircraft to Russia's state-owned Rostec, according to several Canadian newspapers. The planes are valued at $3.4 billion.

Bombardier says unrest in Ukraine could delay Russian deal to build Q400s

The international crises over events in Crimea could affect Bombardier's efforts to finalize negotiations for a joint venture to build Q-400 turboprops in Russia, the manufacturer said Thursday. "With the Ukraine and everything that's happening there, it's softened up a little bit the discussions but our partner is still very eager to make that happen," aerospace president Guy Hachey told an investor conference in New York. Hachey didn't provide any details about the potential impact the crisis might have on what he described as a "big opportunity" for the aircraft.

Bombardier shares could be on the upswing after months of bad news, say analysts

MONTREAL - Transportation analysts say Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) could be on the upswing after months of bad news, including a lengthy delay in the CSeries and weak earnings results. Chris Murray of AltaCorp Capital says the aerospace division is at a "trough point" while the railway division is expected to continually improve over the next few years. Murray set a one-year price target for the Montreal-based transportation company at $5.50 per share. That's about 40 per cent above current levels and would take the issue slightly above its 52-week high set in October.

Bombardier puts salary freeze on its 38,000 non-unionized employees

MONTREAL - Bombardier is freezing the salaries of its roughly 38,000 non-unionized employees as it deals with costly delays in the launch of its CSeries commercial jet. The freeze covers workers in all divisions, including its head office in Montreal, spokeswoman Isabelle Rondeau said Friday. "The end of the salary freeze is undetermined," she said. The Montreal-based transportation giant has already announced 1,700 layoffs in its aerospace division and Rondeau said company is also cutting travel budgets and reducing business travel.

Bombardier layoffs include shift of human resources work to Mexico

MONTREAL - Bombardier is moving some of its human resources functions to its operations in Mexico as part of 1,700 recently announced layoffs at its aerospace division. The Montreal-based company said 10 non-union positions in Montreal will be affected by shift of the talent acquisition function and some global mobility functions to its lower cost operations in Queretaro. "Everything we're doing right now is about cost savings so it's about streamlining processes," said spokeswoman Haley Dunne, who declined the provide the potential costs savings.

Bombardier gets test permit for Learjet 85 first flight

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's Bombardier Inc <BBDb.TO> said on Wednesday it has obtained a first flight test permit for its delayed Learjet 85 from the Federal Aviation Administration and expects the aircraft's maiden voyage in "coming weeks." Bombardier, which has successfully completed engine run and low-speed taxi tests on the jet, said it will now finalize the aircraft configuration and conduct more engine run and high-speed taxi tests at its Wichita, Kansas plant in preparation for first flight.

Bombardier says CSeries delays pushing program cost up to US$4.4 billion

MONTREAL - Bombardier insists its CSeries commercial aircraft will be a financial success even though the airplane's cost will rise to about US$4.4 billion as delays in first deliveries add about US$1 billion in development costs and capitalized interest. The Montreal-based aerospace and rail equipment manufacturer disclosed the higher costs Thursday on the same day it report quarterly adjusted earnings that came in well below estimates.
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