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Huge abroad, Greek yoghurt almost unknown in Greece

It's a global health fad with millions of fans in Europe and the United States, and yet in Greece, many people have never heard of 'Greek yoghurt'. Equally surprising in an age when billions are spent on marketing, the term 'Greek yoghurt' is basically a quirk of fate. "What is known abroad as 'Greek yoghurt' is called 'straggisto' (strained yoghurt) in Greece," explained Prokopis Ploumbis, a cheesemaker in the rural outskirts of Athens. "The secret lies in the milk," he adds.

Sweet success as Turkish baklava wins prized EU status

While Turkey has vainly clamoured for years to join the European Union, a sweet pastry made in the country's southeast tasted more success Thursday, winning the EU's prized "protected status". The Gaziantep baklava, described as a "pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with semolina cream and Antep pistachio", became the first Turkish product to receive the coveted status. The sweet and nutty treat is one of 16 non-EU products to win the logo, including Darjeeling tea and 10 Chinese foodstuffs.

London-Iranian aims to put Persian food on top table

By Robin Pomeroy LONDON (Reuters) - London restaurateur Bijan Behzadi wants to show the world Persian cuisine is more than just mounds of rice and kebabs and says food from his native Iran should be taken as seriously as French or Italian. Most Persian restaurants outside Iran cater for a diaspora craving a taste of home: above all chelo kebab - literally "rice and grilled meat" - the ubiquitous comfort food akin to fish and chips to the British or mac 'n' cheese for Americans.

Syrian refugees emerge as Turkey's newest entrepreneurs

The smell of fried food wafts through the air in a small room where an elderly man is hunched over a huge bowl and, despite his frail appearance, is whipping its contents with all his might. He looks up as a new guest walks into what is his new restaurant, a soft smile of recognition springing up and folding into the caverns of his hollowed cheeks as he greets a fellow refugee, but that moment of normality quickly disappears.

Pork found in Swiss kebabs, Islamic group shocked

A Swiss laboratory has discovered traces of pork in seven out of twenty tests carried out on kebabs sold in several of the country's cities, local Muslim authorities announced Monday, expressing shock about the finding. "Sample analysis show a very low proportion" of pork meat, or less than 0.1 percent, the Swiss Central Islamic Council (CCIS) said in a statement. Islamic tradition forbids the consumption of pork.

Finnish food company donates horsemeat kebabs to poor

Finnish food company Pouttu on Monday said it plans to donate kebab dishes found to contain horsemeat to charities for the poor, after receiving the green light from food safety authorities. "It's good if we can help those most in need," Pouttu production manager Esko Virta said. The company said around a dozen charities have expressed interest in distributing the kebab dishes to the poor, but that deliveries can only begin once cold trucks have been organised to deliver the food.

Finnish firm asks to donate mislabeled horsemeat products

A Finnish food company said Friday it had asked authorities to green-light a plan to donate its products found to contain horsemeat to charities for the poor. Food company Pouttu on Thursday withdrew more than five tonnes of kebab dishes from sale after the company's internal tests found traces of horse meat in products listing other meats on their labels. Chief executive Pekka Kosonen said the idea had come from social media users who were concerned about the environmental effects of destroying tonnes of meat.
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