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Maple Lodge Farms ordered to spend $1 million after chicken cruelty conviction

TORONTO - One of the country's biggest chicken producers will have to spend at least $1 million over three years to ensure compliance with federal rules after an Ontario judge convicted it of causing undue suffering to the birds. In a case closely watched by animal-rights groups, Ontario Superior Court Justice Nancy Kastner also fined Maple Lodge Farms $80,000 on two of 20 counts of failing to transport chickens humanely. Kastner placed the company based in Brampton, Ont., on three years probation, suspending the other 18 counts for the duration.

Egg management system not all it's cracked up to be, says Nova Scotia farmer

HALIFAX - Canada's egg supply management system, which has landed one Nova Scotia farmer in court over the size of his flock, must be flexible if it wants to satisfy the varying tastes of consumers, says an expert in agricultural economics. Some critics say supply management, which regulates the number of laying hens a farmer can own, is unfair to newcomers and small producers who can't afford to buy into the system.

French poultry farmers threaten further egg protests

French poultry farmers who last week smashed 200,000 eggs in protests over low prices on Tuesday threatened repeat action following talks with the country's agriculture minister. Last week's protests were staged by a collective of militant farmers operating outside the structure of the main unions in the sector. A spokesman for the group, who would only be identified by his first name Sebastien, said: "Prices have to go up. We will allow 15 days for that to happen, otherwise action will resume, we don't know yet what form that will take."

French farmers on fresh egg-breaking rampage

A group of French farmers has been on another egg-breaking rampage in Brittany, destroying 100,000 outside a tax office a day after a similar protest over low prices. The nebulous collective, which communicates through an unnamed spokesman, has pledged to smash 100,000 eggs in public places every day until the government meets its demands for measures to be taken to raise prices. On Wednesday evening, the farmers went to the town of Carhaix in Brittany in France's northwest and hurled pallets full of eggs from a truck on to the road in front of the tax office.

French farmers go on egg-breaking spree to protest low prices

A group of rogue French farmers has gone on a furious egg-breaking rampage, destroying tens of thousands on roads and pledging to smash many more in protest against low prices. "More than 100,000 eggs were destroyed in the Cotes d'Armor (a department in the northwestern region of Brittany)," a spokesman for the unnamed collective of angry poultry farmers, told AFP. Poultry farmers in France have for several months complained of rock-bottom egg prices due to overproduction -- a problem that also affects other countries in the European Union.

Greece, Italy in trouble for mistreating hens

The European Commission on Thursday referred Greece and Italy to the European Court of Justice for failing to improve the living conditions of egg-laying hens kept in cramped cages. The two countries were given 12 years to enforce 1999 norms for egg-laying hens, millions of which are kept cooped up in cages no bigger than a standard sheet of typing paper, the Commission said. "Greece and Italy so far, despite repeated calls by the Commission to address the situation, have failed to adequately comply with applicable EU law," it said.

Namib Poultry weathering competition

Namib Mills Investment Chief Executive Officer Koos Ferreira has reiterated on Tuesday that Namibia's own large-scale chicken farm, Namib Poultry, is producing quality chickens and free of genetically modified products.Speaking at a media briefing on Tuesday, Ferreira said the farm is weathering the pressure of competition in the market, especially on imported chickens from European Union and Brazil.“We are a new established poultry farm and we cannot compete with subsidised products in the market,” he said.On a question of why Namibian owned chickens are expensive tha

Probe launched into German 'organic' eggs

Authorities in Germany said on Monday a probe had been launched into farms suspected of selling eggs as "organic" but not adhering to the conditions required for the label. Prosecutors in the northwestern state of Lower Saxony are "investigating establishments that are suspected to have fraudulently sold organic and free-range eggs," a consumer affairs ministry spokesman told reporters.
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