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On Brazil visit, pope urges Church to help the poor

On his homecoming trip to Latin America, Pope Francis took a page out of the playbook of leftist Liberation Theology to push the Catholic Church to serve the poor, experts said. During the week-long visit to Brazil that ended Sunday, the 76-year-old Argentine dubbed the "pope of poor" received a rock-star welcome by huge crowds of adoring pilgrims. During the visit he often stepped out of his open-sided Popemobile to kiss babies and gladhand pilgrims, and won over the faithful with his jokes, humble gestures and easygoing nature.

Mexico top court frees 15 in massacre case

Mexico's supreme court Wednesday ordered the immediate release of 15 people imprisoned for a 1997 massacre in an indigenous Tzotzil village, saying evidence used to convict them was tainted. "Their constitutional right to due process was violated, a matter sufficient to declare their immediate liberation," the court said. The 15 had been sentenced to 36 years in prison after being found guilty of taking part in an attack on the Tzotzil village of Acteal in the southeastern state of Chiapas on December 22, 1997.

Pope accelerated LatAm church's right turn: analysts

Benedict XVI's legacy in Latin America, the world's most Catholic region, is marked by a victory of conservative theology and the demise of home-grown leftist religious thought, experts here say. During his eight-year papacy Benedict continued the church's march to the right that began under his predecessor, the charismatic Pope John Paul II (1978-2005).
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