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Anti-establishment MPs apply to impeach Italy president

Lawmakers from Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement on Thursday put forward a symbolic impeachment motion against President Giorgio Napolitano for what they said was his overly intrusive role in politics. The motion accused Napolitano, who is widely respected in Italy for fostering stability during recent economic and political turmoil, of "infringing the constitution" by overstepping his largely ceremonial role.

Italy's president warns against reckless changes to 2014 budget

ROME (Reuters) - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano warned political parties on Friday not to change the government's 2014 budget in ways that would threaten the country's public finance commitments to the European Union. "It's right to have more emphasis on growth, in Italy and in Europe, but not to imagine that there is no longer the problem of consolidating public finances," Napolitano said in a video link-up with an industrial conference in Naples.

Italian president warns parties against renewed turbulence

ROME (Reuters) - President Giorgio Napolitano warned the parties in Italy's governing coalition on Wednesday against renewed political turbulence after Prime Minister Enrico Letta won a confidence vote in parliament. Former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, facing revolt in his own centre-right party, earlier backtracked from threats to bring down the government.

Italy's octogenarian president may be called to rescue again

By Steve Scherer ROME (Reuters) - Italy's 88-year-old president, Giorgio Napolitano, is an unlikely hero, but this week marks the third time in two years that he may be called to the country's rescue. Just five months into his unprecedented second term as president, Napolitano is facing a potential political crisis in the euro zone's third-biggest economy that has already roiled financial markets.

Italy's Napolitano says will see if elections can be avoided

ROME (Reuters) - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano said on Sunday he would call new elections only if it was impossible to find a majority in parliament, following Silvio Berlusconi's decision to withdraw his party's ministers from the government. "It is tradition for the president to dissolve parliament early when it isn't possible to create a majority and a government for the good of the country," Napolitano told reporters.

Italian president warns against tensions with magistrates

ROME (Reuters) - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano warned on Friday against fresh tensions between politicians and the justice system, days after center-right leader Silvio Berlusconi launched a furious attack on judges following his conviction for tax fraud. Napolitano said that disputes between magistrates and politicians had often marked Italian history with "grave consequences" for democracy and that it was vital to combat such tensions.

Italian president warns against early elections

ROME (Reuters) - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, speaking before a parliamentary confidence vote on Wednesday, warned squabbling politicians not to precipitate early elections, saying uncertainty would endanger Italy. Italy's awkward coalition, patched together from traditional rivals, has been racked by disagreements since Napolitano pushed the center-left and center-right parties in April to rule together to end a two-month deadlock after polls in February.

Former Italian prime minister Emilio Colombo dead at 93

ROME (Reuters) - Emilio Colombo, 93, who served as prime minister and was the last surviving member of the group that wrote Italy's post-war republican constitution, has died, his office said on Tuesday. Colombo, a life senator who also served as president of the European Parliament in the 1970s, died at his home in Rome on Monday night.

Italy government easily wins first confidence vote

ROME (Reuters) - Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta won his first confidence vote in parliament on Friday, using the procedure to push through a series of measures including funding for regions hit by earthquakes last year. Letta was never in danger of losing the vote and his grand coalition of traditional rivals from the center-left and center-right won by 383 votes to 154 in the lower house. The bill had already been passed in the Senate.

Italy's Letta scrambles to put together coalition

Italy's prime minister-designate Enrico Letta scrambled on Friday to put together a coalition to end a two-month deadlock as stocks lowered and borrowing costs rose in a sign of investor impatience. The Milan stock market was down 0.95 percent in morning trading as earlier expectations that Letta would unveil his coalition on Friday or Saturday began to appear less likely.
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