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Steven Spielberg's ‘Jurassic World' to hit theaters in June 2015

By Todd Cunningham LOS ANGELES ( - Universal Pictures said Tuesday it will release Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic World" in 3D on Friday, June 12 of 2015. Colin Trevorrow ("Safety Not Guaranteed") is directing the epic action-adventure from a draft of the screenplay he wrote with Derek Connolly. Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley join the team as fellow producers.

Jurassic Park 3D: Excitement and Extinction

Are dinosaurs scarier in 3-D? Some censors think so. When members of the Australian Classification Board saw the 3-D conversion of Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park, they changed its rating from the original PG to a slightly sterner M - their equivalent of PG-13, which is the movie's rating in the U.S. The Board's decision was in synch with Spielberg's; in 1993 he said, "I do think this movie is inappropriate for children under 13." An Aussie studio exec scrambled to find a marketing angle in the more restrictive designation for JP3D.

Jurassic Park' Video Reveals How T-Rex Was Made

Did you know that when "Jurassic Park" was made in 1993, the animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex was built full-size and weighed 9,000 pounds? Or that the Brachiosaurus' head alone required four separate puppeteers?

'Jurassic' filmmakers recall video effects nightmare

The makers of the original "Jurassic Park" film are recalling the "nightmare" of using pioneering visual effects, as a 3D version of the Oscar-winning movie is released. Steven Spielberg's 1993 blockbuster used a combination of stop motion filming with dinosaur models and primitive computer generated technology, which was unprecedented at the time. The filmmakers talked about the challenges involved at a screening of "Jurassic Park 3D" hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), ahead of its US release on Friday, 20 years after the original.

Universal picks newcomer Trevorrow to direct 'Jurassic Park 4'

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hollywood newcomer Colin Trevorrow was named the director of the long-awaited fourth installment of dinosaur movie franchise "Jurassic Park" on Thursday. Universal Pictures said that Steven Spielberg, who directed the first two movies in the $1.9 billion worldwide franchise, would be the executive producer of "Jurassic Park 4," but he would not direct.

Hollywood legend Spielberg to head Cannes jury

Steven Spielberg, named head of the Cannes Film Festival jury Wednesday, is a Hollywood legend and one of modern cinema's most influential filmmakers -- even if his awards glory has faded of late. The 66-year-old was named to the prestigious post days after his second disappointing awards season in two years, with his top-tipped drama "Lincoln" going home with only two Oscars out of 12 nominations last weekend. So it will come as a welcome honor to be selected to help choose this year's Palme d'Or at the world's top film festival, to be held on the French Rivieria May 15-26.
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