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Subway says 'yoga mat chemical' will be out of bread soon, after protest over common additive

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Subway says an ingredient dubbed the "yoga mat chemical" will be entirely phased out of its bread by next week. The disclosure comes as Subway has suffered from an onslaught of bad publicity since a food blogger petitioned the chain to remove the ingredient.

Romans cut down on bread as crisis hits

As a devastating economic crisis hits ordinary Italians, traditional bakeries in Rome are shutting shop and some are resorting to selling old bread at half-price to draw hard-up customers. "Crisis-Beating Offer: Bread left over is sold the next day at half price," read a sign at a bakery in the Trionfale market near the Vatican. "For a while our clients have been quietly asking us if we can sell them yesterday's bread to save money," said Cesara Chiappini, owner of the bakery, told Rome's Il Messaggero daily.

Egypt warns bakers against strike action

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian bakers will face legal action if they carry out a threat to strike, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Bassem Ouda said, raising the stakes in a dispute linked to state bread subsidies. The prospect of a bakers' strike has compounded a sense of economic crisis in a country where a drop in foreign currency reserves has already caused fuel shortages and raised the potential for more social unrest.

Egypt bakers threaten strike over rising costs

By Tom Perry CAIRO, Feb 28 (Reuters) - Egyptian bakers are threatening strike action unless the government meets demands including back-payment of financial incentives, raising the prospect of fresh unrest in the crisis-ridden north African country. Abdullah Ghorab, head of the bakers' association which represents 25,000 private bakeries across the country, said imminent strike action has been postponed following a meeting with the government. The association gave the government 15 days to meet its demands.
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