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UN Security Council unanimously adopts Syria aid resolution

The UN Security Council on Saturday adopted a unanimous but non-binding resolution calling for humanitarian aid convoys to be allowed access across war-torn Syria, but diplomats immediately voiced doubt about its effectiveness. Syria's staunch ally Russia, with support from China, has blocked three previous resolutions aimed at pressuring the Damascus regime since the crisis began in March 2011, with an estimated half of all Syrians urgently awaiting immediate help.

Serbs jailed for the murder of more than 100 Kosovars

Serbia's war crimes court on Tuesday sentenced nine Serbian members of a paramilitary force to up to 20 years in prison for killing at least 109 ethnic Albanians during the 1998-99 Kosovo conflict. The nine "committed murders, rapes and robberies in an extremely brutal way, with the main goal to spread fear among Albanian civilians in order to force them to leave their homes and flee to Albania", judge Snezana Nikolic Garotic said in her verdict.

UN tribunal cuts Serb sentences for Kosovo crimes

The Yugoslav war crimes court on Thursday reduced on appeal the sentences of three former top Serbian officials, convicted over atrocities committed during the 1998-99 war in Kosovo. The Appeals Court considers "a limited reduction in the sentences imposed by the Trial Chamber is warranted," International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Judge Liu Daqun said. The four men cannot be held responsible for some of the worst horrors committed by Serb troops during the conflict, for which they were convicted almost four years ago, he said.

Human remains found in suspected mass grave in Serbia

Forensic experts have discovered human remains in a suspected mass grave in Serbia, believed to contain the bodies of Kosovo Albanians killed during the 1998-1999 war, officials said Friday. "During the site assessment at the Rudnica quarry in the municipality of Raska, Serbia," Serbian authorities, EU-led justice and police mission in Kosovo (EULEX) and Pristina's forensic experts "discovered human remains," EULEX said in a statement. "The work will continue, in coordination with Serbian authorities, in the upcoming days," the statement said.

New mass graves raise hope for the missing in Bosnia

Suad Zeric stares expectantly at a corpse exhumed from a gaping, freshly-dug hole where hundreds of Muslims and Croats massacred in the Bosnian war were tossed two decades ago. The body, surrounded by forensic experts, may be his uncle or his cousin, both of whom disappeared in the ethnic-driven mayhem of the 1992-95 conflict that followed the breakup of the old Yugoslav federation. "I hope with all my heart that they will be found here," said the 57-year-old, a survivor of the most notorious Serb-run detention camps set up during the war.

Serbia arrests two men over Kosovo war crimes

Two Serbs, including an active member of a special police unit, were arrested over war crimes allegedly committed against ethnic Albanian civilians during the 1998-1999 Kosovo war, the prosecutor's office said Tuesday. The suspects, identified only by their initials K.V. and P.L., were accused of being part of a group that killed 65 ethnic Albanian civilians in the western Kosovo village of Ljubenic, the war crimes prosecutor's office said in a statement.

Bosnian Serb woman sentenced for war crimes

A Bosnian Serb woman was sentenced on Friday to four years in prison for war crimes committed against non-Serb civilians in northeastern Bosnia at the start of the 1992-1995 war, a court said. Monika Karan Ilic, 37, is the third woman sentenced for war crimes by Bosnian justice. She "was convicted of war crimes against civilian population", committed in a detention camp and a police station in northeastern town Brcko in May and June 1992, the Brcko court said in a statement.

Bosnian Serb policemen get 22 years for Yugoslavia war crimes

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Judges in The Hague on Wednesday sentenced two former Bosnian Serb police officers to 22 years' jail for their role in war crimes and crimes against humanity during the break-up of Yugoslavia more than 20 years ago. They ruled Mico Stanisic and Stojan Zupljanin contributed to a plan to permanently remove non-Serbs from the territory of a planned Serb state in parts of multi-ethnic Bosnia by committing acts of violence against Muslims and ethnic Croats.

UN court acquits Yugoslav army chief Perisic on appeal

A UN war crimes tribunal on Thursday acquitted Yugoslav ex-army chief Momcilo Perisic on appeal and overturned his 27-year sentence for war crimes and crimes against humanity during the bloody Balkan wars of the 1990s. Defence lawyers hailed the appeal's outcome before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), saying it confirmed Belgrade had no hand in the crimes committed during Bosnia's brutal 1992-95 war in which some 100,000 people died.
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