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Digital advertising defies downturn in Britain

LONDON (Reuters) - Advertising spending on the internet jumped 12.5 percent in Britain last year, defying a flagging economy as companies battled to reach consumers spending more time on smartphones and tablet computers. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) said on Wednesday a study conducted by PwC showed spending on online advertising reached 5.42 billion pounds in 2012.

Tablet advertising leaves smartphones in the dust

Mobile advertising is soaring and growing in sophistication, industry analysts say, but the money is pouring into tablets at a much faster rate than their smaller smartphone rivals. The days when mobile advertising was restricted to SMS text messages are long past, and an array of advanced solutions was on offer at the world's biggest mobile fair, the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona this week. Now, mobile owners are being targeted by interactive videos and offers that are tailored to users depending on their tastes and whereabouts as revealed by their online activity.
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