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A Minute With: 'Tomb Raider' actress Luddington on game's reboot

By John Gaudiosi March 6 (Reuters) - British actress Camilla Luddington has played a doctor, a fairy and Britain's Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, but in her latest role she portrays virtual gaming icon Lara Croft in one her most physically demanding roles. Luddington, 29, known for her roles in U.S. television series "Grey's Anatomy" and "True Blood," spent three years portraying Croft in video game developer Crystal Dynamics' "Tom Raider" reboot, which was released this week by Square Enix.

Lara Croft loses the guns, curves, plait in new "Tomb Raider"

By Rollo Ross LONDON, March 4 (Reuters) - Gun-toting adventurer Lara Croft is back in the latest "Tomb Raider" game to fight for new players but she comes gadget-free, without the improbable curves and trademark plait, and with an adults-only rating. Development company Crystal Dynamics, has stripped Croft of her previous history in the game published by Japan's Square Enix, and reinvented her as a 21-year-old novice with no experience of raiding tombs, climbing or shooting.
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