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Manitoba Tory leader wishes 'infidel atheists' all the best for the holidays

WINNIPEG - Manitoba's Opposition leader has offered his holiday wishes to groups of people including "infidel atheists," leaving online commentators divided as to whether the phrase was insulting or an awkward attempt at humour. Brian Pallister gave an impromptu holiday message last week to a citizen journalist armed with a video camera. In the recording, which has thousands of views on YouTube, Pallister offers seasonal greeting to Christians, Jews and others.

Brazil protest groups call fresh demos

Black Bloc anarchists joined other protestors in more than a dozen Brazilian cities Tuesday to mark Guy Fawkes day, the anniversary of the failed 1605 Gunpowder Plot in London. Many here have donned Guy Fawkes masks in recent months as they took to the streets unhappy with corruption and political administration. In recent years, the Anonymous protest group has marked November 5 as a "day of global resistence to corruption and tyranny" and they and others used social media to urge action.

Austerity protesters target Buckingham Palace

Hundreds of Anonymous protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks protested outside Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II's London home, as part of a global demonstration against austerity on Tuesday. Protesters threw bottles at police in riot gear and a fire was lit outside the palace. "They started shouting move back, move back, but we had nowhere to go," said protester Ceylan Hassan. "The police started pushing us, screaming 'move back, move back'. "There was a fire on the right hand side of the (Victoria) monument and people started throwing things," she added.

Pope says atheists can be moral like Catholics

Pope Francis on Wednesday said atheists could take moral decisions just like religious people, in an unprecedented letter to a leftwing Italian daily -- his latest attempt to reach out to non-believers. "God's mercy has no limits if we turn to him with a sincere and contrite heart," the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics said in a missive published in La Repubblica by its founder Eugenio Scalfari. "The question for people who do not believe in God is to listen to their consciences. Also for those without faith, sin is going against your conscience," he said.

Britain's 'atheist church' set to go global

Echoing with joyful song and with a congregation bent on leading better lives, this London church is like any other -- except there's no mention of God. Britain's atheist church is barely three months old but it already has more "worshippers" than can fit into its services, while more than 200 non-believers worldwide have contacted organisers to ask how they can set up their own branch.
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