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'Dead' man wakes up in US funeral home

A 78-year-old American man who was declared dead and taken to a funeral home dramatically woke up as he was about to be embalmed, US media reported Friday. Walter Williams was registered dead on Wednesday evening after medics failed to find his pulse. He was transported to the Porters and Sons Funeral Home in Lexington, Mississippi. However, a few hours later when workers were about to prepare his corpse they noticed Williams moving in his body bag.

At funeral home, 'dead' Mississippi man kicks to escape body bag

(Reuters) - A funeral director in Mississippi got a bit of a shock this week when a man, brought to him in a body bag, kicked to get out just before he was to be embalmed, a local TV station reported. "He was not dead, long story short," funeral director Byron Porter told broadcaster WAPT late on Thursday. The man, Walter Williams, had been pronounced dead on Wednesday after the coroner arrived at his home in Lexington and found no pulse. Williams was then taken to the funeral home.

Thatcher opponents turn their back, boo at funeral procession

LONDON (Reuters) - About two dozen opponents of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher turned their backs on her funeral procession and some others booed as her coffin passed through central London on a gun carriage on Wednesday. One man held up a placard "Boo!" and some shouted "scum" while others clapped, threw flowers along the route and cheered for Britain's longest serving prime minister of the 20th Century, Reuters reporters said. Thousands of supporters lined the route from Westminster to St Paul's Cathedral.

Venezuela rules out idea of embalming Chavez

Caracas, Mar 16 (EFE).- The Venezuelan government announced that it has now ruled out embalming the body of Hugo Chavez after receiving a report from a Russian medical commission, which said that carrying out the procedure would mean removing the late leader's remains to Russia for at least seven months. "The possibility of embalming the body of Comandante Chavez has been ruled out as a result of the Russian medical commission's report," Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas wrote Friday on Twitter.

Philippine mortician offers to embalm Chavez

A Philippine mortician famous for putting dead dictator Ferdinand Marcos into a glass display case offered his services Friday to the deceased Hugo Chavez, whom Venezuela wants embalmed "like Lenin". Manila-based embalmer to the stars Frank Malabed stressed experts must act quickly if they wanted to successfully preserve the Venezuelan president, who died on Tuesday from cancer. "I have not been contacted for it but I am always expecting a call. I will process anyone, anywhere," Malabed, 62, told AFP.
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