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South African pupil dies after alleged teacher beating

A South African teacher is facing a possible murder charge following the death of a student he allegedly beat on the head with a belt, the education department said Wednesday. Sizwe Kubheka died in hospital last week after the incident left him deaf and with blood clots coming from his nose, according to South Africa's The Star. The student, aged around 16, lived in Palm Springs, south of Johannesburg. Before the boy's death the parents had laid a charge of attempted murder with police, according to the education department.

Malaysian parents jailed for child abuse in Sweden

A Malaysian couple were jailed Friday by a Stockholm court for assaulting their four children while on a work assignment to Sweden where corporal punishment is illegal. Azizul Awalludin, 38, and his wife Shalwati Norshal, 46, were sentenced to 10 and 14 months respectively for beating their children -- aged seven to 14 -- over a three-year period with a bamboo stick, a clothes hanger and their hands. "I have spoken to my client (Awalludin) and he is of course very disappointed -- he denied the charges," defence lawyer Jonas Tamm told AFP.

Malaysian parents charged with beating child in Sweden

A Malaysian couple were charged Monday in a Stockholm court with assaulting one of their children in 2012. The couple, who have been held on remand since December, are accused of beating all four of their children -- now aged seven to 14 -- over a three-year period. However they have been formally charged with the assault and battery of only one of the four. Corporal punishment has been illegal in Sweden since 1979, and organisations in contact with children are required to report any suspicions of assault.

Australian PM admits smacking his kids

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott admitted Thursday he smacked his children when they were young and warned against bans that could take political correctness "to extremes". Abbott was commenting after the issue was raised in the first report submitted to parliament by the newly established National Children's Commissioner. It highlights the United Nations' concern "that corporal punishment in the home and in some schools and alternative care settings remains lawful in Australia".

Family of dead student subjected to corporal punishment brings action for damages

Family of dead student subjected to corporal punishment brings action for damages OSAKA, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- The family of a 17-year-old student who committed suicide after he was physically punished a year ago by a former teacher filed a lawsuit on Wednesday for more than 165 million yen (about 1.60 million U.S. dollars) in damage against Osaka City, which runs the school he was attending, local media reported.

China regulates teachers' conduct

BEIJING, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- Chinese educational authorities have moved to further regulate teachers' conduct, vowing to punish those who use corporal punishment, molest students, accept bribes or earn additional money by giving lectures outside school. A draft document issued by the Ministry of Education on Friday to solicit public opinion before Dec. 18 specifies a code of conduct for primary and middle school teachers.

COLUMN-Give children the vote?-Chrystia Freeland

(Chrystia Freeland is a Reuters columnist. Any opinions expressed are her own.) By Chrystia Freeland NEW YORK, March 8 (Reuters) - Here's a novel way to address the problems caused by rising income inequality: give children the vote.
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