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Under-fire Erdogan rallies Turks in Berlin

Wracked by a damaging corruption scandal at home, a defiant Turkish prime minister took his election campaign to the streets of Berlin Tuesday, seeking to rally Germany's vast Turkish community. "We will stand up straight. We'll never bow down, you can be sure of that. We only bow before God," Recep Tayyip Erdogan told thousands of flag-waving Turks in the Kreuzberg area of the German capital, known affectionately as "Little Istanbul."

Fires in Germany

We know that in many cities in Germany and France fires break out regularly, sometimes killing scores of people and causing terrible human tragedy. However, the Turkish media talks about these fires only when buildings owned or inhabited by Turks are involved. Maybe this is just selective perception; nevertheless, these fires and the political reactions to them are worth discussing.The cause of the most recent fire in Germany that devastated a house owned by Turks has not yet been revealed, but almost everyone believes there is some criminal explanation.

Seven children among at least 8 dead in German fire: police

Fire swept through an apartment building in southwestern Germany on Sunday, killing at least eight members of a family of Turkish origin, including seven children, police said. The cause of the blaze was not known but police said they were investigating an oven in a flat on the first floor of the former leather factory in the town of Backnang near Stuttgart. "There are no indications of arson or a xenophobic motive," police said, adding that there was a German-Turkish cultural exchange association on the ground floor of the building.
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