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Greenland PM says 'natural' to want independence

Prime Minister Aleqa Hammond said on Tuesday it was "natural" for Greenland, an autonomous territory of Denmark, to want independence. "Our path towards independence is a natural path for people that have been colonised before," Hammond said at the Arctic Frontiers conference in Norway. "I want Greenland to have a self-sustaining economy based on our own resources, with a greater degree of integration into the world economy," she added. Hammond described independence as a "long-term" political goal, with Danish subsidies accounting for half Greenland's economy.

Voters deliver backlash over Greenland's minerals rush

By Alistair Scrutton NUUK (Reuters) - Aleqa Hammond looked set to be Greenland's first female prime minister on Wednesday after winning 42 percent of votes in elections on a platform of greater control and heavier taxation of foreign mining. The opening of the country of 57,000, which is a quarter the size of the United States, to foreign miners has sparked a backlash from its traditional Inuit people, many of whom fear both Chinese influence and environmental damage.

Voters deliver rebuke over Greenland minerals rush

By Alistair Scrutton NUUK (Reuters) - An Inuit woman brought up to skin seals looked set to become Greenland's first female prime minister after a backlash against foreign miners and fears over environmental damage carried her party to election victory. Aleqa Hammond's Siumut party won 42 percent of votes and around 14 seats in the 31-seat parliament, meaning she will need to form a coalition. Prime Minister Kuupik Kleist won some 34 percent of votes, according to official results on Wednesday.

Opposition critical of mining wins Greenland election

NUUK (Reuters) - Greenland's main opposition leader, who campaigned on a platform of greater control and higher taxes of foreign miners, gained the biggest number of votes in a national parliamentary election, underscoring a backlash against the island's fast globalisation.
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