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Venezuela rules out idea of embalming Chavez

Caracas, Mar 16 (EFE).- The Venezuelan government announced that it has now ruled out embalming the body of Hugo Chavez after receiving a report from a Russian medical commission, which said that carrying out the procedure would mean removing the late leader's remains to Russia for at least seven months. "The possibility of embalming the body of Comandante Chavez has been ruled out as a result of the Russian medical commission's report," Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas wrote Friday on Twitter.

Venezuelan government rules out embalming Chavez remains: minister lda/oh/rcw

Eternal viewing of Chavez may be impossible: Maduro

Venezuela's acting president Nicolas Maduro acknowledged Wednesday that it could be too late to have late president Hugo Chavez embalmed "Lenin-style" so that his body could be on view permanently. "We have welcomed top level scientists, the best in the world, from Russia and Germany. ... The scientific reports and opinions we are getting are that it is going to be quite difficult" to arrange special embalming that would enable permanent viewing, Maduro said at an event carried on state television.

Maduro: It will probably not be possible to permanently embalm Chavez

Caracas, Mar 13 (EFE).- Acting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that it would be "rather difficult" to embalm the body of Hugo Chavez because the decision to do so was made too late and the procedure was not started in time. Maduro said that Russian and German experts arrived in Venezuela to help with the embalming process but that "the scientific news and the opinions" among the group were that "it's going to be rather difficult for it to be that way, because the preparations needed to be started and the decision (to do so) should have been made much sooner."
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