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Speaker of B.C. legislature defends spending, says more oversight coming

VICTORIA - The Speaker of British Columbia's legislature is defending the tens of thousands of dollars she spent on recent renovations and upgrades, saying the expenditures are part of an agenda to make the historic building accessible to all and its proceedings more civil and transparent. The expenses filed by Linda Reid and made public this week included $48,412 for a new desk and touch-screen computer in the legislative chamber, $13,449 for a new members' lounge in the legislative library and $734 for a display case for coffee, muffins and other stacks.

Commonwealth Parliamentary speakers to convene in New Zealand

Commonwealth Parliamentary speakers to convene in New Zealand WELLINGTON, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- The speakers and presiding officers of legislatures in the Commonwealth group of nations will gather in New Zealand next month to discuss their parliamentary systems, New Zealand Parliament speaker David Carter announced Monday. More than 50 speakers along with observers would attend the 22nd Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth in Wellington from Jan. 21 to 24, he said.

Lessons from the past: How Quebec abolished its 'Senate' in one simple step

MONTREAL - It was a case of political payola for the ages. A guaranteed salary for life, to two-dozen politicians, if they would perform the ultimate foolproof task: vote to stop working forever, and start collecting paycheques to stay at home. That not-too-distant episode offers some relevant lessons today for Canada as the country wrestles with the future of its Senate. History provides one recent precedent for the abolition of an upper chamber, with the 1968 bill that shut down Quebec's unelected Legislative Council.

Saskatchewan repeals elected Senate law, passes motion calling for abolition

REGINA - Saskatchewan has repealed legislation that would have allowed for the election of Senate nominees and passed a motion calling for the abolition of the upper chamber. Premier Brad Wall said the Senate has "failed the test of being effective." "You know in rural Saskatchewan when a building is falling down, sometimes you can't save it, sometimes you've got to knock it down completely and rebuild," Wall said Wednesday after the votes.

Unanimous consent required for Senate abolition say top court's lawyers

OTTAWA - The murky constitutional waters surrounding reform of Canada's disgraced Senate have been further muddied by two lawyers appointed by the Supreme Court to give impartial advice on the subject. Daniel Jutras and John Hunter, appointed as "amici curiae" or friends of the court, agree that abolishing the upper chamber would require the unanimous approval of Parliament and all provinces.

I wouldn't tolerate staff putting 'any undue pressure' on Speaker: Wynne

TORONTO - No one in the premier's office would be allowed to put "any undue pressure" on the impartial Speaker of the legislature to influence his decisions, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said Wednesday. "I would not countenance, I would not tolerate that kind of pressure being put on the Speaker by staff," she said. But she won't stop them from talking to Speaker Dave Levac, she said. "People talk to the Speaker all the time," Wynne said. "The Speaker needs to talk to all parties about the workings of the house."

Calls to abolish the scandal-plagued Senate pointless, say experts

OTTAWA - Calls to abolish the Senate, as proposed by Saskatchewan's premier and the federal Opposition, are destined to go nowhere, say constitutional experts. Premier Brad Wall says his Saskatchewan Party wants the doors closed on the upper chamber of Parliament. A recent mail-in referendum, the results of which were released Monday, saw 86 per cent of just over 3,700 of the party's members vote to abolish the Senate.

CSTO Parliamentary Assembly Council grants observer status for National Assembly of Serbia, Lower Chamber of National Assembly of Afghanistan

The Collective Security Treaty Organization Parliamentary Assembly Council today made the decision to grant an observer status for the National Assembly of Serbia and the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly of Afghanistan.The delegation of Kyrgyzstan led by Parliament Speaker Asilbek Jeenbekov is participating in the session of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly Council in St.

Cyprus parliament vote on bailout postponed till Tuesday: speaker str-jds/bpz
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