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Captain sentenced in Greece over fatal 2007 shipwreck

A Greek court Thursday found the captain of a cruise liner guilty of causing the deaths of two French tourists in a 2007 shipwreck that saw 1,600 passengers evacuated from the vessel. Magistrates in Piraeus, Greece's main port, sentenced the ship's captain to 12 years in prison for serial involuntary manslaughter and causing a shipwreck following a four-month trial. A representative of the cruise ship's Cyprus-based owner Louis Hellenic Cruises (LHC) and seven crew members were also given between two and eight years in prison on the same charges.

Sunken cruise trial opens in Greece

A Greek court began proceedings Tuesday against 13 people accused of being responsible for the sinking of a cruise ship that claimed the lives of two French tourists six years ago. Those on trial include seven crew members, five staff from Cyprus-based Louis Hellenic Cruises (LHC) that owned the vessel and an employee of risk assessment organisation DNV that had deemed it seaworthy. The trial is expected to last over a month as over 60 witnesses are to testify, state news agency ANA said.
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