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N. Korea celebrates founder's birthday in festive mood

North Korea on Tuesday celebrated the 102nd anniversary of the birth of founder Kim Il Sung, while the outside world remains vigilant against Pyongyang's recent growing belligerence after showing some signs of returning to diplomatic engagement. North Korea was filled with a festive mood. Streets, restaurants and hotel lobbies in the capital were decorated with messages commemorating the birth of the state founder and "Kimilsungia," a purple flower of the orchid family named after him.

N. Korea celebrates founder's birthday

North Korea celebrated the 102nd anniversary Tuesday of the birth of founder Kim Il Sung, while the outside world remains vigilant against Pyongyang's recent growing belligerence after showing some signs of returning to diplomatic engagement.

N. Korea marks 40th anniv. of ideology system, stresses loyalty to Kim family

SEOUL, Feb. 19 (Yonhap) -- Marking the 40th anniversary of the proclamation of its key leadership ideology, North Korea called Wednesday for loyalty to its leader Kim Jong-un. In 1974, Kim Jong-il, the former leader of the communist country and incumbent young leader's father, introduced the monolithic ideological system that calls for modeling the whole society in accordance of the sole leadership under the Kim family. The former leader also inherited power from his father and the country's founding father, Kim Il-sung.

NORTH KOREA NEWSLETTER NO. 291 (December 12, 2013)

*** NEWS IN BRIEF North Korea Media Extols Virtue of Allegiance to Leader SEOUL (Yonhap) -- Two days after the reported purge of a powerful uncle of leader Kim Jong-un, North Korean media on Dec. 5 extolled the virtue of allegiance to the regime. For the second day in a row, Rodong Sinmun, an organ of the ruling Workers' Party of (North) Korea (WPK), appealed for unquestioning loyalty to the regime and the young leader, calling him the embodiment of the legacies of the country's founder Kim Il-sung and late leader Kim Jong-il.

North Korea says Kim's uncle dismissed for 'criminal acts'

By Ju-min Park and Jack Kim SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea announced on Monday the dismissal of Jang Song Thaek, the once powerful uncle of leader Kim Jong Un, for what it described as a string of criminal acts including mismanaging the economy, corruption, womanising and drug-taking. The sacking of the man regarded as the second most powerful in the secretive state comes after reports in South Korean media that one of his aides had sought asylum in South Korea.

Court finds S. Korean man not guilty of paying respect to late N.K. leader

SEOUL, Sept. 29 (Yonhap) -- An appeals court has lowered the sentence for a South Korean man charged with making an unauthorized visit to North Korea after finding him not guilty of paying his respect to late North Korean founder Kim Il-sung, a court official said Sunday. The defendant, identified only by his surname Cho, 54, made the visit to the North via Germany, Japan and China in 1995, and attended a series of events, including paying homage at Pyongyang's Kumsusan Palace, where the embalmed body of the country's founding leader Kim Il-sung lies in state.

NORTH KOREA NEWSLETTER NO. 273 (August 1, 2013)

*** TOPIC OF THE WEEK (Part 1) N. Korea Marks 60th Anniversary of Korean War Armistice with Military Parade SEOUL (Yonhap) -- North Korea on July 27 marked the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Korean War Armistice Agreement with a large scale parade of soldiers and military hardware with its leader Kim Jong-un in attendance.

NORTH KOREA NEWSLETTER NO. 270 (July 11, 2013)

*** TOPIC OF THE WEEK (Part 2) North Korea Heightens 'Memorial Fever' of Late Leader Kim Il-sung SEOUL (Yonhap) -- North Korea on July 8 marked the 19th anniversary of its founder's death with the country's leadership, people and media all paying respects to Kim Il-sung. Amid deepening economic plight, North Korea held "remembrance" rallies and various commemorative events across the country while its state media mobilized to carry lavish coverage of Kim, depicting him as the "eternal leader" as a means of boosting the personality cult on the founder of the country.

Koreas-religious freedom

By Lee Chi-dong WASHINGTON, May 20 (Yonhap) -- North Korea shows no signs of averting its decades-long control of religious worship even under a young and Western-educated leader, the U.S. State Department said Monday.

Pyongyang remains calm despite escalating tensions

As tensions continue to sizzle on the Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang, capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), remains calm and its dwellers have so far shown little fear of a possible war.After the DPRK advised foreign embassies to pull out of Pyongyang last week, Xinhua reporters on Wednesday saw markets, shops and restaurants open for normal business.
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