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Ski war over EU law rages on French slopes

On the slopes of one of France's swankiest ski resorts, a bureaucratic battle is raging between local authorities and British ski instructors that goes to the heart of Europe's labour laws. The latest shot was fired on February 18, at the height of the season in the resort town of Megeve near Mont Blanc, when British instructor Simon Butler was hauled off a chairlift by gendarmes.

Belgian academy trains butlers for the superrich

Brussels, Aug 20 (EFE).- The exclusive School for Butlers and Hospitality in Brussels has found a niche training people to cater to the needs of the world's wealthy, with the Belgian academy drawing applicants from around the globe. "The most important thing for a good butler is to have a good personal attitude and know how to provide maximum service with minimum intrusiveness," School for Butlers and Hospitality director Vincent Vermuelen told Efe. The academy will offer its first four-week course in September at the Plaza Hotel in Brussels for 6,980 euros ($9,380).

Egads! White House seized in film thriller

With a blend of patriotism, adrenaline and testosterone, Americans can gird for what might be the first big thriller flick of the year -- and with North Koreans as the bad guys, to boot. British actor Gerard Butler jumps back into action in "Olympus Has Fallen," playing an ex-Secret Service agent who must save the White House from a ruthless attack by North Korean terrorists who have taken the president hostage.
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