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Verdict in Singapore: U.S. engineer Shane Todd killed himself

By Kevin Lim and John O'Callaghan SINGAPORE (Reuters) - American engineer Shane Todd committed suicide in Singapore last year, a coroner's inquiry in the city-state concluded on Monday, a verdict at odds with his family's belief that he was murdered because of his work. The case had threatened to become a diplomatic issue as Senator Max Baucus, who represents Todd's home state of Montana, had pressed for more U.S. involvement in the investigation.

US, Singapore share information on scientist's death

Singapore and US investigators have begun sharing information on the controversial death of an American scientist found hanged in the city-state last year, the Singapore police confirmed on Friday. The case involves Shane Todd, whose parents believe he was murdered in connection with his work for a Singapore institute with alleged links to a Chinese firm suspected of espionage activities by Washington. Singapore police investigators reported Todd's death as a suicide but US officials are pressing for a deeper investigation.
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