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Japan top court says no retrial for 1961 poison killer

A Japanese man who poisoned his wife, lover and three other women with pesticide-laced wine has lost his final bid for a retrial after over 40 years on death row, a court spokeswoman said Thursday. The supreme court decision, which came down Wednesday, means that 87-year-old Masaru Okunishi has exhausted all avenues of appeal and will likely die in prison -- either by old age or execution. The octogenarian, who spent decades in solitary confinement and is now hospitalised, has long protested his innocence, saying his confession in the 1961 killings was coerced by police.

Crown drops murder case against youth after Edmonton judge nixes sting evidence

EDMONTON - A court erupted with angry screams and shouts from spectators on Friday as the Crown dropped murder charges against a youth who confessed during a police sting to killing two people. Jeers and taunts were thrown at the 17-year-old, who was accused of second-degree murder. But the prosecution conceded it didn't have a case after the judge ruled the undercover evidence inadmissible. Several sheriffs needed to be brought in to calm the crowd.

With evidence circumstantial, SC acquits farmhand of rape-slay

Saying the defendant was convicted on mere circumstantial evidence that could not establish his guilt beyond reasonable doubt, the Supreme Court acquitted a farmhand sentenced to prison for the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in Lanao del Sur 15 years ago.The Supreme Court’s First Division, chaired by Chief Justice Ma.
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